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Welcome to The Spaghetti Western Database, the global Eurowestern film encyclopedia and community.
Check out the Introduction to learn about the genre, and start watching and collecting with our Top 20. You may also want to just dive into all the Films and get some Books, DVDs & BluRays. We regularly publish Reviews and discuss in our Forums.

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In Mike Hauss' new book "The Spaghetti Western Digest Issue 4", the latest issue of The Digest, you will find new and exciting content on the beloved Spaghetti Western genre by many authors, including but not limited to: Tom Betts about Dean Reed, Tom Prickette about movie-tie-ins and the great Lee Van Cleef, Steve Mason about A Stranger in Town, Tony Nash about Massacre Time and The Day After Tomorrow, and many many more. Mike writes about the early Spaghetti’s and their U.S. television history. Also included is an interview with one of the best writers/researchers in filmdom, Matt Blake....Learn more

One Damned Day at Dawn... Django meets Sartana!
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