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Malditas pistolas de Dallas, Las

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Le maledette pistole di Dallas (Italy, Spain, France 1964 / Director: Pino Mercanti [credited to José María Zabalza])

  • Runtime: 96 min
  • Release Date: 5.12.1964

Also known as

Le maledette pistole di Dallas (Italy) | Les pistolets maudits de Dallas (France) | Die verdammten Pistolen von Dallas (Germany) | Damned Pistols of Dallas (U.S.A.) | The Return of Clay Stone (U.S.A.) | To katarameno pistoli tou Dallas (Greece)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Fred Beir (Clay/George Stone), Evi Marandi [as Evy Marandis](Estelle), Jesus Puente (Richard Corbett), Dina De Santis [as Dyna De Saint](Katy Dior), Olivier Mathot (Fred Foster, gambler), Luigi Ciavarra [as Luis Chavarro](Fast Draw Krenshaw), Angel Alvarez (Goodwin, bank manager), Roberto Messina [as Bob Messenger](Zeke), Andrew Hart (Little John), Stella Monclar (Maribel Goodwin), Lucia Bomez (Marilyn, singer), Andrea Fantasia (Sheriff Russell), Franco Daddi (gambler), Francisco Nieto
  • Story: Luigi Emmanuele
  • Screenplay: Luigi Emmanuele
  • Cinematography: Edmondo Affronti, Julio Ortas [Eastmancolor - Totalscope]
  • Music: Gioacchino Angelo
  • Song: “Old Ben” sung by Bruno D’Angelo
  • Producers: G. Carus, Paolo Prestano, Domenico Luigi Rotolo


Clay Stone defends a lawless town from a gang of outlaws after s stagecoach robbery.


The English title of "Three Dollars of Lead" is often added as an alternate title to this film while it is in fact the English title for Tre dollari di piombo. They are two separate films with almost identical casts and crews.