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Kung Fu Wilderness Cover.jpg

  • Film Score Monthly FSM Vol. 13, No. 15 / Stereo
  • Composer: Johnny Harris
  • 24-page color booklet with film stills, liner notes + track-by-track commentary
  • Limited Edition
  • also includes music from the TV series Kung Fu (Composer: Jim Helms)


Track listing:

  1. Main Title (Capt. Henry Theme)
  2. Zach Discovers Water
  3. Shadows Of Reckerys
  4. Zach Makes His Bed
  5. Zach’s Music Box
  6. Zach Bass Theme
  7. Mandam Massacre
  8. Lost Horizons Part One
  9. Lost Horizons Part Two
  10. Henry Meets Redthorn
  11. Henry Continues
  12. Zach Goes Mountain Climbing
  13. Survival Time
  14. Zach Bass Theme
  15. Zach Meets Redthorn
  16. Zach Goes For Henry Finale (Zach Bass Theme)
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