Marque de Zorro, La

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Le marque de Zorro (France 1974 / Directors: Marius Lesoeur (as James Gartner), Jesus Franco (uncredited), Alain Payet (uncredited))

Also known as

La marca del Zorro (Spain) | The Sign of Zorro (U.S.A.)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Clint Douglas (Zorro), Monica Swinn, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, Madame Caillard, Roger Darton, René Gaillard, Monique Delauney (as Mary Stanford), Howard Vernon
  • Story: Guy Gilbert (as Jack Guy)
  • Screenplay: Guy Gilbert (as Jack Guy)
  • Cinematography: Richard Linden, Joseph Gabiet [Eastmancolor]
  • Music: uncredited
  • Producers: Marius Lesoeur, Daniel Lesoeur


Zorro fights the injustice of a tyrannical California governor.


Edited from La venganza del Zorro (1962). Additional footage added.


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