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Un Minuto per pregare, un istante per morire (Italy 1968 / Director: Franco Giraldi)

More on this film:
  • Runtime: 118 min (The US DVD contains scenes not seen in the long 118 min version)
  • Release Date: 8.2.68

Also known as

A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die | Dead or Alive | Outlaw Gun | Dove vai ti ammazzo | Outlaw Gun | Mehr tot als lebendig (Germany) |Dove vai ti ammazzo (Italy) | Escondido (Italy) | Un minuto para rezar... un segundo pour mourir (France) | Morto ou vivo (Portugal) | En minut att be, en sekund att do (Sweden)

Cast and crew

Cast: Alex Cord (Clay McCord), Arthur Kennedy (Marshal Roy W. Colby), Robert Ryan (Governor Lem Carter), Enzo Fiermonte (Doctor Chase), Renato Romano ("Cheap" Charley), Franco Lantieri (Deputy Marshal Butler), Giampiero Albertini (Fred Duskin), Mario Brega (Kraut), Nicoletta Machiavelli (as Nicoletta Rangoni Machiavelli)(Laurinda), Rosa Palomar (as Rosita Palomar)(Ruby), Fortunato Arena (uncredited), Franco Balducci (uncredited)(Kraut henchman), John Bartha (uncredited), Silla Bettini (uncredited), José Canalejas (bounty hunter)(uncredited), Spartaco Conversi (uncredited)(Kraut henchman), Alberto Dell'Acqua (uncredited)(Ruby's son), Ottaviano Dell'Acqua (uncredited)(Clay as a boy), Franco Gulà  (uncredited), Paolo Magalotti (uncredited)(Sid), Daniel Martín (uncredited)(Father Santana), José Manuel Martín (uncredited)(El Bailarin), Gino Marturano (uncredited)(Doc's assistant), Antonio Molino Rojo (uncredited)(Sein), Osiride Pevarello (uncredited)(Fuzzy), Mimmo Poli (uncredited), Lorenzo Robledo (uncredited)(Kraut henchman), Claudio Ruffini (uncredited)(deputy), Aldo Sambrell (uncredited)(Jesus Maria), Francisco Sanz (uncredited)(barber), Massimo Sarchielli (uncredited)(Zack), Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia (uncredited), Antonio Vico (uncredited)(Jonas), Nino Vingelli (uncredited), Frank Brana (storekeeper), Guglielmo Spoletinit (Pete)

  • Story: Albert Band
  • Screenplay: Ugo Liberatore, Louis Garfinkle
  • Cinematography: Aiace Parolin [Eastmancolor 1,85:1]
  • Music: Carlo Rustichelli
  • Producer: Albert Band (as Alfredo Antonini)


Clay McCord (Alex Cord) is a former outlaw determined to live the life of a law-abiding citizen. Colby (Arthur Kennedy) is the town marshall who keeps law and order. Not far from the peaceful town is a haven for criminals led by Kraut (Mario Brega), a trigger happy outlaw who welcomes those who are wanted by the law. McCord worries that he may have the epilepsy that plagued his father and hastened his demise. He battles the sadistic gunman while hoping for a pardon from the sympathetic governor (Robert Ryan). He also falls for the lovely Laurinda (Nicoletta Machiavelli) as he walks between the two worlds of the law and the lawless in this action-packed and often bloody western adventure.


Unusual SW filled with melancholy and fatalism. The melancholy is intensified by Rustichelli's score, with a few nods towards Anton Bruckner. Franco Giraldi's best western is a turn back from his earlier lightweight works.

by Stanton


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