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Il mio nome è Scopone e faccio sempre cappotto (Italy, Spain 1972 / Director: Juan Bosch)

More on this film:
  • Runtime: 85 min
  • Release Date: 27.6.1975 (check Trivia below))

Also known as

Dallas (U.S.A.)| Ten Killers Came from Afar | Fäuste wie Dynamit (Germany) | Os dez Homens do Oeste (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Antonio de Teffe (Anthony Steffen) (Jake/Dallas), Fernando Sancho (Kelly Lucamone), Ricardo Palacios (Buster), Claudio Undari (Johnny Black/Doug Bright), Gillian Hills (Glenda Kelly), Indio Gonzales (Johnny Black's henchman), Furio Meniconi (sheriff), Attilio Severini, Juan Torres, Juan M. Solano, Ricardo Moyan, Sergio Dore, Karin Heske, Ralph Birks, Antonio Mayans, Cesar Ojinaga, Fernando Palacios, Furio Meniconi, Johnny Fairen, David Delperro, Manuel Bronchud, Moises Rocha


Dallas tries to regain his father's farm which he lost in a card game with Kelly. But Kelly is now dead and his daughter, Glenda, doesn't know how to play poker. There are rumours of a hidden treasure. So, Dallas defends what is rightly his, against everybody, with fist fights and ambush scenes.


  • Anthony Steffen's final Spaghetti Western. Released in 1975, this one was most likely already shot in 1972.