Morgan Kane: Døden er en ensom jeger

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Morgan Kane: Døden er en ensom jeger (Norway 2001 / Director: Frank Iverson)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern
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Also known as

Døden er en ensom jeger Norway (première title) | Death is a Lonely Hunter

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Frank Iversen (Morgan Kane), Jan Grønli (Fyllikk/skurk/outlaw leader), Knut Husebø (Sjefsskurk), Frank Krog (Fyllikk/skurk/Jenkins), Mads Ousdal (Fyllikk/skurk/outlaw), Hanne Rekkedal (prostitute), Line Verndal (prostitute)
  • Story: Kjell Hallbing (as Louis Masterson) (novel)
  • Screenplay: Frank Iverson
  • Cinematography: [color]
  • Music: ?
  • Producers: Frank Iverson, Kjell Hallbring, Knut Ivar Grønli


Morgan Kane, out hunting, is suddenly caught in bad weather and takes refuge at Fort Collins where three outlaws try and murder him.


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