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* [ Review by 800 SW (Spain)]
* [ Review by 800 SW (Spain)]
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* [ Argentinian VHS @ RaroVHS]
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Oggi a me... domani a te! (Italy 1968 / Director: Tonino Cervi)

  • Runtime: 95 min
  • Release Date: 28.3.1968

Also known as

Today It's Me | Today It's Me... Tomorrow It's You! | Today It's Me... Tomorrow You! | Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die! (U.S.A.) | Der Dicke ist nicht zu bremsen | Heute ich... morgen du! (Germany) | Stoßgebet für einen Hammer (Germany) | Cinq gachettes d'or (France) | Mato Hoje Morro Amanha (Brazil) | A vingança pela honra (Brazil) | Sheriffen fra nevada (Denmark) | A vinganca de Bill Kiowa (Portugal) | Ojo por ojo (Spain) | Hoy por mi... manana por ti! (Spain) | Bugun bana yarin sana (Turkey) | Vandaag ik morgen jij (Netherlands) | Dnes já, zítra ty! (Czech Republic)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Brett Halsey (as Montgomery Ford) (Bill Kiowa), Bud Spencer (Walrus O'Bannion), William Berger (Francis Colt Moran), Wayde Preston (Jeff Milton), Tatsuya Nakadai (James Elfego), Jeff Cameron (Moreno), Dana Ghia (as Diana Madigan)(Maria Kiowa), Teodoro Corrà  (as Doro Cora)(gun seller), Franco Borelli (as Stanley Gordon)(Bunny Fox), Aldo Marianecci (Peter), Michele Borelli (warden), Umberto Di Grazia (Elfego henchman), Giancarlo Sisti (poker player), Remo Capitani (Publican), Franco Pechini, Nazzareno Natale, Victoriano Gazzara, Remo Capitani (uncredited), Lina Franchi (prostitute)(uncredited), Franco Gulà  (old man in saloon), Franco Pechini (sheriff), Riccardo Petrazzi (comanchero), Aysanoa Runachagua (comanchero), Pietro Torrisi (Bill), Nazzareno Zamperla (uncredited)
  • Story: Dario Argento, Tonino Cervi
  • Screenplay: Dario Argento, Tonino Cervi
  • Cinematography: Sergio D'Offizi [Eastmancolor - Panoramico 1,85:1]
  • Music: Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
  • Producer: Tonino Cervi


Bill Kiowa (Halsey) spends 5 years in prison, because James Elfego (Nakadai) killed his Indian wife, had him beaten and left money bags in his house from an earlier robbery. Bill, with plenty of time on his hands, plans his revenge and having done his time, recruits four of the best gunmen around, O'Bannion (Bud Spencer), Jeff Milton, Bunny Fox and "Colt" Moran (Berger). When Elfego and his gang rob a Wells Fargo coach, Bill and his men are hot on their trail in the hope of carrying out those plans for revenge.


Today It's Me... Tomorrow It's You is a stylishly filmed and straightforwardly told revenge story inspired by Samurai films and made by a director who had formerly produced well respected Italian film classics by directors like Fellini, Antonioni or Rosi. Brett Halsey in the lead comes closer to the Django character than most of the "official" Django movies, and just like the rest of his "magnificent 5" or his foe Tatsuya Nakadai he is characterized in best SW manner by his clothes and his behaviour, not by a background story or meaningful dialogue. The only blemish is that the big finale fails to set a real point of culmination for the film. But it is beautifully filmed in an enchanted looking autumnal wood.

by Stanton

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