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Pétroleuses, Les

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Les Pétroleuses (France, Italy, Spain, U.K. 1971 / Directors: Christian-Jacque, Guy Casaril)

  • Runtime: 105 min (France)
  • Release Date: 16.12.1971 (France)

Also known as

The Legend of Frenchie King (U.S.A.) | Frenchie King | Petroleum Girls | Le Pistolere (Italy) | Petroleummiezen (Germany) | Petroleum-Miezen | Las Petroleras (Spain) | Królowe Dzikiego Zachodu (Poland) | De opstooksters (Belgium) | Las petroleras (Brazil) | Öljyä, pimuja ja roistoja (Finland) | Teksasin äkäpussit (Finland) | As Raínhas do Petróleo (Portugal) | Västerns vildaste brudar (Sweden) | Petrolcüler (Turkey)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Brigitte Bardot (Louise 'Frenchie King' Miller), Claudia Cardinale (Marie Sarrazin), Michael J. Pollard (Marshal Jefferds), Patty Shepard (Little Rain), Micheline Presle (Aunt Amelie), Henry Czarniak (Doc Miller), George Beller (Marc Sarrazin), Teresa Gimpera (Caroline), Emma Cohen (Virginie), Patrick Préjean (Luc Sarrazin), Riccardo Salvino (John Sarrazin), Valéry Inkijinoff (Spitting Bull), Oscar Davis (Matthieu), Denise Provence (Mlle Le Croisic), Leroy Haynes (Marquis), Jacques Jouanneau (Mons. Letellier), Raoul Delfosse (Le Cornac), France Dougnac (Elisabeth), Clément Michhu (Charvet), Marie-Ange Aniès (Constance), Chris Huerta (drunk), José Maria Caffarel, Guy Casaril, Luis Induni, José Luis Lopez Vazquez, Tersa Rabal, Manuel Zarzo, José Riesgo (saloon patio guest)
  • Story: Marie-Ange Aniès, Raymond Erger
  • Screenplay: Marie-Ange Aniès, Daniel Boulanger, Guy Casaril, Jean Nemours
  • Cinematography: Henri Persin [Eastmancolor]
  • Music: Francis Lai
  • Song: "The Ballad of Frenchie King" sung by Little Sammy Gaha
  • Song: "La vie Parisienne" sung by Micheline Presle
  • Song: "Prairie Women" sung by Claudia Cardinale
  • Producers: Francis Cosne, Raymond Erger


In the 1880’s a group of sisters at the French settlement of Bougival Junction, New Mexico turn to lawlessness to get the things they want in life.


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