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Pancho Villa

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Pancho Villa (Spain, UK 1971 / Director: Eugenio Martin)

  • Runtime: 92 min
  • Release Date: 1971 (?)

Also known as

I tre del mazzo selvaggio (Italy) | El desafío de Pancho Villa (Spain) | Drei Halleluja auf vier heiße Colts (Germany) | Viva Pancho Villa (Germany) | Pancho Villa (U.S.A.) | Vendetta (U.S.A.) | Panço Villa (Turkey) | Pancho - banditen (Sweden) | Pancho bandiitti (Finland) | Gennimenos epanastatis (Greece) | I megali listeia tou Pancho Villa (Greece)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Telly Savalas (Pancho Villa), Clint Walker (Scotty), Chuck Connors (Colonel Wilcox), Anne Francis (Flo), Angel Del Pozo (Lieutenant Eager), Jose Maria Prada (Luis), Luis Dávila (McDermott), Monica Randall (Lupe), Antonio Casas (General Goyo), Walter Coy (General Pershing), Alberto Dalbes (Captain Mendoza), Dennis Vaughan (Captain Mettle), Hal Fletcher (Major James), Ralph Nevilla (General Jankins), Gene Collins (Popowski), Bob Hevelone (Evans), Art Larkin (Sergeant White), Barta Barri (Alfonso), Adolfo Thous (Flores), Fernando Sanchez Polack (Manuel), Fernando Hilbeck (Ramon), Felipe Solano (Angel), Dan van Husen (Bart), Ben Tatar (Private Bates), Lorraine Clewes (Clara), Marjorie Neville (Eduro), Nancy Baytos (Amanda), Eduardo Calvo (banker), Gerardo Navarro (Meixcan diplomat), Lucy Tiller (woman), Lola Gaos (old woman), Ines Oviedo (female soldier), Luis Marin (Villista), Tony Skios (Villista), Alejandro Ulloa (Villista), Norman Bailey (sheriff), Alberto Fernandez (priest), Antonio Rossi (as Tony Ross)(photographer), Luis Rivera (chauffer), Bud Strait (station master), Carl Rapp (doctor), Lone Ferk (nurse), Marisa Malfatti
  • Story: Eugenio Martin (as Gene Martin)
  • Screenplay: Julian Halevy
  • Cinematography: Alejandro Ulloa [Technicolor - Panoramico 1,66:1]
  • Music: Anton Garcia Abril
  • Song: “We All End Up the Same” sung by Telly Savalas


Telly Savalas plays Villa in this European production about the revolutionary folk hero of early 20th century Mexico. It has all of the earmarkings of the Spanish produced and filmed westerns that accompanied the spaghetti westerns. Savalas plays the part like Kojak -- his Villa is appropriately crude. Very silly and quite routine, but the lead actors are an interesting crew and a lot of mugging for the camera is done by most of them.


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