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Pancho se žení

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Pancho se žení (Czechoslovakia 1946 / Directors: Rudolf Hrušínský, František Salzer)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern
  • Runtime: 88 min
  • Release Date: 27.8.1946

Also known as

Pancho's Wedding (English provisional unofficial title)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Rudolf Hrušínský (Pancho), Vlasta Matulová (Rosita), Jindřich Plachta (Rosita's father), Jarmila Májová (Rosita's mother), Josef Kemr (Pedro), Eva Klenová (Pedro's girl), Saša Rašilov (mayor), Miloš Nedbal (first jailor), František Kovářík (second jailor), Anna Steimarová (Lucia's aunt), František Kreuzmann (chief of bandits), Robert Vrchota (bandit), Ella Šárková (bandit's girl), Jarmila Kurandová (Anabela, Pedro's mother), Vítězslav Boček (bandit), Zdeněk Kampf (bandit), Josef Pehr (pickpocket), Bohumil Bezouška (bandit), Bohumil Machník (innkeeper), Richard A. Strejka (warder), Jaroslav Seník (bandit), Jan W. Speerger (bandit), Bolek Prchal (citizien of Marilla), Václav Vjačeslav Irmanov (bandit with guitar), Rudolf Deyl ml. (ostler), Vladimír Hlavatý (lawyer), Jindra Hermanová (Spaniard), Rudolf Hrušínský (Bebino Sánchez, Pedro's father), Alois Dvorský (cashier), Emil Bolek (neighbour of Sánchez's family), Josef Kotapiš (witness of Pancho's arrest), Antonín Jirsa (owner of stolen horse), Antonín Šolc (bank clerk), F.X. Mlejnek (client of bank), Jindřich Fiala (client of bank), Stanislav Vyskočil
  • Story: Rudolf Hrušínský
  • Screenplay: Rudolf Hrušínský
  • Cinematography: Ferdinand Pečenka
  • Music: Jiří Srnka
  • Songs: "Neklidná noc" and "Hoďte mi růži" sung by: Rudolf Hrušínský
  • Song: "Falešný hráč" sung by: Václav Vjačeslav Irmanov
  • Song: "Můj milý se mě nebojí" sung by: Ella Šárková
  • Songs: "Ranní blues" and "Květinko má spanilá" sung by: František Kreuzmann
  • Songs: "Květinko má spanilá" and "Já jsem z Kutné Hory" sung by: Sbor
  • Editor: Jiří Sobotka
  • Art Decorator: Ina Žáková
  • Set Decorators: Štěpán Kopecký, Chrudoš Uher
  • Costume Designer: Adolf Wenig
  • Producer: Jaroslav Niklas


Rodrigues and Sanches once pledged that their children, Rosita and Pedro, would marry one day. The families live far away from one another, thus the young couple do not know each other. They are not interested in the marriage their fathers are planning. Even so, the submissive Pedro sets off to visit his bride with an introductory letter, however, the resolute Rosita runs away from him. In a pub Rosita comes to the aid of a young man called Pancho who finds himself in an argument with the leader of a gang of bandits. It is love at first sight. While fleeing the town Pancho comes across Pedro and realizes that he is Rosita's intended. He gets him drunk and takes the letter off him. He soon loses the letter again in jail when the robber Manuel takes it from him and goes off to court the girl in his stead. He pretends to be Pedro in front of Rosita's parents. Fortunately, Pancho arrives with the real Pedro, accompanied by the sheriff and his entourage on horseback, who capture Manuel. Rosita returns home. Pancho asks for Rosita's hand in marriage but is refused. Not until the sheriff informs them of the reward Pancho is to receive for capturing Manuel, Rosita's parents relent. Fate also rewards poor Pedro. On his return he finds two sacks of gold coins hidden under a road sign and he can to marry loved Mariana.

  • Source: NFA - Národní filmový archiv v Praze (Česká republika) | NFA - The National Film Archive in Prague (Czech Republic)


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