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Per un pugno di canzoni

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Per un pugno di canzoni (Italy, Spain, Germany Liechtenstein 1966 / Director: José Luis Merino)

CanzoniPosterItaly1.jpg Contents:

  • Runtime: 95 min
  • Release Date: 10.7.1966

Also known as

Europa canta (Italy) | Europa canta de noche (Spain) | Por un punado de canciones (Spain) | Lass die Finger von der Puppe (West Germany)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Vivi Bach (Betty Johnson), Gustavo Rojo (Chief Big Vulture), Thomas Alder ('The German'), Lucio Dalla ('The Italian'), Renzo Palmer (sheriff), Umberto D'Orsi (as Umberto Dorsi)(Nonno), Nino Vingelli (gangster), Mary Paz Pondal, Ennio Antonelli (Joe), Fortunato Arena (gangster), Luis Induni (Mr. Lewis), Enrique Ávila, José Bastida, Fred Bertelmann, Pilar Cañada, Lanfranco Ceccarelli (as Equipe 84), Adriano Celentano, Carlo Cevoli, Tony Cucchiara, Ermelinda De Felice, Tony Del Monaco, Wilma Goich, Françoise Hardy, Enrico Luzi, Ester Macioci, Domenico Modugno, Eleonora Morana, Anna Maria Panaro, Ferdinando Poggi, Mary Roos, Nini Rosso, Ingrid Schoeller, Bruno Scipioni, Maurizio Vandelli (as Equipe 84), Los Marcello's Ferial, Ornella Vanoni, The Kings, The Yardbirds, I Pelati, The Snobs, Beatles di Cadiz, The Twist-Can-Can Girls
  • Story: Carlo Infascelli
  • Screenplay: Mario Amendola, Jose Luis Merino, Carlo Veo, Franz-Otto Kruger, Sigrid Werner
  • Cinematography: Fulvio Testi [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
  • Music: Enrico Polito
  • Songs: "Wenn ich dich anseh" sung by Fred Bertelmann, "Ringo" sung by Adriano Celentano, "Il silenzio" sung by Tony Del Monaco, "Io ho in mente tu" sung by Equipe 84, "In un fiore" sung by Wilma Goich, "Parla mi di te" sung by Francoise Hardy, "" sung by The Honeybeats", "Fai quello che vuoi" sung by The Kings, "Johnny Brown" performed by Los Marcellos Ferial, "Tu si nacosa grande" sung by Domenico Modugno, "?" sung by Gianni Nazzaro, "Junge Liebe" sung by Mary Roos, "Il silenzio" performed by Nini Rosso, "Sha la la la la" sung by The Snobs, "Abbracciami" sung by Ornella Vanoni, "For Your Love" sung by The Yardbirds
  • Producers: Theo M. Werner, Gustav Gavrin, Jose Luis Lorente, Carlo Infascelli


Little Europe, a town in the American West, is chosen as the site for a European Music Festival to be internationally broadcast via television . The peace of the village is put in jeopardy when it comes to electing judges because the dormant antagonisms of the descendants of Italian, Spanish, French and Germans will be awakened, but the good sheriff easily resolves the dispute. Then the problem becomes more acute when the lawyer Betty, a comely young lady, who is late in coming to the event because she was seized by the henchmen of an industry bully who wants to influence the victory of one of his favorite songs. But the sheriff again acts and the bully can not reach Little Europe, but Betty is also banned. After a bloodless confrontation everything is resolved for the better thanks to Chief Big Vulture, a gallant Indian chief, who returns to the prairie with his new wife, Betty.

This little known oddity is most likely not really a western, but a pop film with some western elements.

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