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Piombo e la carne, Il

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Il piombo e la carne (Italy, Spain, France 1964 / Director: Marino Girolami [as Fred Wilson])

  • Runtime: 91 min
  • Release Date: 30.12.1964

Also known as

Bullet in the Flesh (U.S.A.) | Bullets and the Flesh (U.S.A.) | El sendero del odio (Spain) | Amor Cherokee (Spain) | I sentieri dell'odio (Italy) | Les sentiers de la haine (France) | Con el plomo en la carne (Argentina) | Mustat revolverit (Finland) | Paths of Hate

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Rod Cameron (Nathaniel Masters), Patricia Viterbo (Mabel Masters), Ennio Girolami [as Thomas Moore](Sam Masters), Bruno Piergentili [as Dan Harrison](Chata), Carla Calò [as Carrol Brown](Aunt Peggy), Manuel Zarzo [as Manolo Zarzo](Nelson Masters), Julio Pena (Sheriff Burkham), Tota Alba (Minnea, Cherokee matriarch), Alfredo Mayo (Mortimer Lasky), Piero Lulli (Jonathan), Edi Biagetti (Chief Old Buffalo), Georges Lycan [as George Lycan](Sheriff Pat Keler), Ignazio Dolce, Marco Mariani (defense attorney), Franco Latini (stocky saloon patron), Ignazio Spalla (Slim McClear), Dante Maggio (Bob Raskin, peddler), Antonio Danesi [as Tonino Danesi](Jack, Masters lieutenant), Marisa Qautrini
  • Also with: Consalvo Dell'Arti (judge), Enzo Maggio Jr. (saloon client), Gonzalo Esquiroz (Rockston town tough), Umberto Salomone (fiddler), Manuela Lupo
  • Story: Gino de Santis
  • Screenplay: Gino de Santis, Marino Girolami
  • Cinematography: Mario Fioretti, Manuel Serra [as Manuel Berenguer] [Eastmancolor - Ultrascope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Carlo Savina
  • Song: "A Western Man" sung by Peter Tevis
  • Producer: Ennio Girolami


The rich landowner, Nat Masters, is persecuting an Indian tribe to take possession of their woods. His daughter is in love with the chief, Chata, a relationship which is opposed by both families. Trying to quell the affair, she is informed of her mother's past infidelity and Chata is framed and sent to prison.


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