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Join the world's first spaghetti western pocast! The SWDb highly recommends you make this your new regular Friday date. Tune in to Once Upon a Time in Spaghetti Westerns.


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About your hosts:

Podcast jay.png Jay Jennings
Jay is a poster collector, indie movie writer/director, voice actor and composer. Click here to read about him on Wikipedia Podcast betts.png Tom Betts
Tom is a true spaghetti western expert. Founder and editor of Westerns... All'Italiana! magazine. Long time editor at the SWDb. Regular contributor to books, liner notes and documentaries. Click here to see his SWDb page

Episode Guide

Episode 6 - Live on June 26, 2020
Topic of the show: Spaghetti Western actresses
Watch recording: YouTube, Facebook
Runtime 110min

Episode 5 (June 19): On alternate English titles Facebook, YouTube

Episode 4 (June 12): Underrated directors are the topic of this fourth episode, as the podcast celebrates its first month YouTube, Facebook

Episode 3 (June 5): The show has a special guest, none other than Robert Woods! YouTube, Facebook

Episode 2 (May 29, 2020): Underrated actors are a focus of this episode, plus some great posters and anecdotes as always. This week, stay for the encore! YouTube, Facebook

Episode 1: In the premiere episode, Jay and Tom each present their top rare spaghetti westerns. Archive video: YouTube, Facebook

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