Precio de un hombre, El

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El precio de un hombre (Spain · Italy 1966 / Director: Eugenio Martín).

Also known as

The Bounty Killer (Italy) | La morte ti segue... ma non ha fretta (Italy) | Ohne Dollar keinen Sarg (Germany) | ...der keine Gnade kennt (Germany) | Särge ohne Leichen (Germany) | The Ugly Ones (USA) | De doders van het westen (Belgium) | Les tueurs de l'Ouest (France) | Dusoerdraeberen (Netherlands) | Vinganca ao amanhecer (Portugal) | Cena jednog čoveka (Yugoslavia) | Bounty Killer, O Pistoleiro Mercenário (Brazil) | The Day of the Guns | The Price of a Man | ガンクレイジー (Japan)
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Bounty hunter Luke Chilson (Richard Wyler) is trailing convicted bandit Jose Gomez (Tomas Milian) who has been assisted in his escape by a childhood friend (Ella Karin) from his village. Chilson's attempt to take Gomez back into custody is thwarted by the loyalty of the local people, all of whom remember Gomez fondly and believe he has been driven to banditry through injustice and persecution. However, as Gomez's friends descend on the settlement old friendships are tested and loyalties begin to unravel.


  • Cast: Richard Wyler (Luke Chilson), Thomas Milian (José Gomez/Sanchez), Halina Zalewska [as Ilya/Ella Karin](Eden /Anna), Hugo Blanco (Deserter, Gomez henchman), Enzo Fiermonte [as Glenn Foster](Gage Novak), Lola Gaos (Ruth Harmon), Ricardo Canales (Joe Harmon), Mario Brega (Miguel Cortinas), Manuel Zarzo (Marty Hefner), Tito García (Zacarías, Gomez henchman), Antonio Iranzo (Antonio, Gomez henchman), Fernando Sánchez Polack [as F. Sanchez Polac](Doc, Gomez henchman), Saturno Cerra (Gomez henchman), Augusto Pescarini [as Augusto Pesarini](Gomez henchman), José Canalejas (Juan Valdez), Goyo Lebrero (Bisbee bank teller), Enrique Navarro (Manuel, supply wagon driver), Rafael Vaquero (Bisbee sheriff), Gonzalo Esquiroz (Bill, stage shotgun), Ricardo Palacios (waystation attendant), Antonio Cintado (Max, escort guard), Chiro Bermejo (Dade, head escort guard)
  • Also with: Frank Braña (Wade Dempsey), Gene Collins (Gomez henchman), Luis Barboo (federal agent outrider)
  • Novel basis: "The Bounty Killer" by Marvin H. Albert
  • Screenplay: José Gutiérrez Maesso, Eugenio Martin, James Don Prindle
  • Cinematography: Enzo Barboni [Eastmancolor - Panoramico 1,78:1]
  • Music: Stelvio Cipriani
  • Producer: Liliana Biancini



Tomas Milian's first western.

Versions and runtimes

Runtime: 96 min

Release Dates

  • Release Date: 4.11.1966

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