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Quelle sporche anime dannate

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Quelle sporche anime dannate (Italy 1971 / Director: Luigi Batzella [as Paolo Solvay])

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  • Runtime: 91 min
  • Release Date: 14.11.1971

Also known as

Paid in Blood (U.S.A.) | Sein Colt gab die Antwort (Germany) | Aquela alma maldita (Brazil) | Les ames damnees du Rio Chico (France) | Pagado en sangre (Spain)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Jeff Cameron (Tom Carter), Donald O'Brian (Lee Rast), Alfredo Rizzo (Jack 'Mule' Buchanan), Krista Nell (Cora), Edilio Kim (Doctor Lassiter), Sofia Kammara (Julie), Esmeralda Barros (Zelda), Gianfranco Clerici [as Mark Davis](Shannon), William Mayor (Bill Joyce), Attilio Dottesio (sheriff), Franco Daddi (false Ringo), Gianclaudio Jabes [as Jean Claude Jabes](Ringo Brown), Laila Shed (saloon girl), Giulio Baraghini, Alessandro Perrella (Shannon henchman), Lorenzo Piani (Jerry Carter), Salvatore Campochiaro (peddler), Sergio Baldacchino, Angelo Susani (bald bandit), Emilio Zago (piano player)
  • Story: Aldo Barni
  • Screenplay: Aldo Barni
  • Cinematography: Giorgio Montagnani [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
  • Music: Elsio Mancuso
  • Producer: Mario de Rosa


Jeff Cameron is Tom Carter, whose brother was murdered and robbed shortly after taking all his money out of the bank to help Cora, a local saloon girl. Tom is suspicious of Cora, but she helps him unmask the real killer. The usual showdowns and heroism ensue, although Batzella directs without much enthusiasm, and the performances are fairly listless. Much of the cast returned for Batzella's La colt era il suo Dio the following year.


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