Réquiem para el gringo

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Réquiem para el gringo (Spain, Italy 1968 / Director: José Luis Merino)

  • Runtime: 98 min
  • Release Date: 23.8.68

Also known as

Duel in the Eclipse (U.S.A.) | Requiem for a Gringo (U.S.A.) | Requiem per un gringo (Italy) | Requiem für Django (Germany) | Requiem para un Gringo (Spain) | Requiem pour Gringo (France) | 7 Shadows of a Gunfighter (English) | A justiça de Gringo (Portugal) | Requiem Por Um Gringo (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Lang Jeffries (Ross Logan/Gringo), Fernando Sancho (Porfirio Carranza), Carlo Gaddi (Ted Corby/Corbin), Femi Benussi (Alma), Aldo Sambrell (Charley Fair), Marisa Paredes (Nina), Angel Alvarez (Samuel, saloon owner), Giuliana Garavaglia (as Giuly Garr)(Lupe), Ruben Rojo (Tom Leather), Carlo Simoni (Dan), Rufino Inglés (Fermin), Sancho Garcia (whipped peon, Juan?), Javier Lapuente, Nacho Pidal


Returning home, Ross Logan immediately gets into conflict with the Carranza gang, which had just crossed the Mexican border and has occupied a nearby Hacienda. After his brother is killed he plans a cold blooded revenge for which he separates the gang's most dangerous members by using their individual weak points and the general discordance amongst them. The time for the final confrontation is set by the astronomically interested Logan amidst an eclipse.


Some sources name Eugenio Martin as co-director, there is even one French poster which gives the sole directing credit to him, but so far nothing is verifiable. Compared directly with Merino's later western More Dollars for the McGregors I think that Requiem para el Gringo is more likely Merino's film.


The synopsis already shows that Requiem para el gringo tells its revenge story quite uniquely and pretty differently from the usual SW. The hero has not only astronomical knowledge but seems to be in league with the elements, as he is somehow connected by his cape with the mythos of the Jaguar god. The final duel in the eclipse is a longish scene, which inherits a third of the runtime by filling in the narrative holes of the plot with a series of culminating flashbacks, which then build up to an apocalyptic feeling during the eclipse, in which the violent climax of the revenge takes place. A stunning film.

by Stanton

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