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Ritorno di Clint il solitario, Il

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Il ritorno di Clint il solitario (Spain, Italy 1972 / Director: Alfonso Balcázar)

  • Runtime: 89 min
  • Release Date: 14.12.1972

Also known as

Ein Einsamer kehrt zurück (Germany) | El Retorno de Clint el solitario (Spain) | The Return of Clint the Stranger | There's a Noose Waiting for You... Trinity! | Ti attende una corda... Ringo (Italy) | Trinity alguém te Espera (Brazil) | Mia kremala se perimenei, Trinita (Greece)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: George Martin (Clint/Joe/Trinity Harrison/Murrayson), Klaus Kinski (Scott), Marina Malfatti (Norma Harrison/Murrayson), Susanna Atkinson (Betty), Daniel Martín (Slim Naughton), Adolfo Alises (Mr. Thompson), Luigi Antoniolinerra (as Luigi Antonio), Gustavo Branched, Willi Colombini (as Willy Colombini)(Billy), Remo De Angelis (Craig), Luis Induni (McKinley), Vittorio Fanfoni (Murdock brother), Gaspar 'Indio' González (as Indio González)(Sheriff Culver), Francisco José Huetos (Mr. Scranton), Manuel Bronchud (Slim's henchman), Miguel Muniesa (Ben), Manuel Muniz (as (as Pajarito)(telegraher), Luis Ponciado (Brandon), Augusto Pesarini (Jimmy Harrison/Murrayson), Luigi Antonio Guerra (Murdock brother), Luis Ponciado (Brandon), Gustavo Re (Blinky), Manuel Gas (Bill McKinley), Mara Krupp (Madam), Ricardo Moyán
  • Story: Alfonso Balcazar
  • Screenplay: Ezio Passadore, Giovanni Simonelli
  • Cinematography: Jaime Deu Casas [Eaastmancolor, Panoramico]
  • Music: Ennio Morricone
  • Producer: Enzo Passadore (as E. Doria), Alfonso Balcazar, P. Sagliocco


A wanted gunman returns home to his wife’s ranch who hires him as a ranch hand on the promise he never touches his gun again. This becomes a problem when a tyrant tries to buy up all the local ranches and hangs those who refuse his offer.


So-so sequel to Clint el solitario