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Ritorno di Ringo, Il

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Il ritorno di Ringo (Italy, Spain 1965 / Director: Duccio Tessari)

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  • Runtime: 96 min
  • Release Date: 8.12.1965

Also known as

The Return of Ringo (U.K. & U.S.A.) | Ringo kommt zurück (Germany) | Ringo kehrt zurück | Gnade spricht Gott - Amen mein Colt (Germany 1973) | Le retour de Ringo (France) | O regresso de Ringo (Portugal) | Ringo komt terug | Powrót Ringa (Poland) | Zoku Koyano Ichidoru Ginka or "One Silver Dollar of Wilderness Part 2" (Japan) | El Ritorno de Ringo (Spain) | The Angry Gun (Australia) | Blood at Sundown (U.S.A.) | Det kom en farlig man (Sweden) | Der kom en farlig mand (Denmark) | Lännen vaarallisin mies (Finland)

Cast and crew

  • Actors: Giuliano Gemma (as Montgomery Wood)(Captain Montgomery 'Ringo' Brown), Fernando Sancho (Esteban Fuentes), George Martin (Don Francisco 'Paco' Fuentes), Lorella de Luca (as Hally Hammond)(Helen Brown/Hally Fitzgerald), Nieves Navarro (Rosita), Antonio Casas (Sheriff Carson), Manuel Muñiz (as Pajarito)(Miositis/Morning Glory), Mónica Sugranes (Elisabeth Brown), Victor Bayo (Jeremiah Pitt), Tunet Vila (Apache medicine man), Juan Torres (bartender), José Halufi (grave digging bandit)
  • Cinematography: Francisco Marí­n [Eastmancolor, Totalscope 2,35:1]
  • Producers: Luciano Ercoli, Alberto Pugliese


The only 'official' sequel to Tessari's very popular A Pistol For Ringo, also starring Giuliano Gemma, this film is a loose retelling of the ancient greek story of The Odyssey. Gemma, as Montgomery Brown, plays the Odysseus / Ulysses role, returning from the civil war where he was presumed to have died, to find his house overrun by bandits and his wife engaged to one of the leaders, Paco Fuentes, played by the always devilish George Martin. In an attempt to discover if his wife, Hally, has remained faithful, he dyes his hair and takes on the disguise of a mestizo peasant, gradually gaining access to his old home and learning in the process that he has a daughter who is being used by Paco as a hold on Hally in order to make her compliant in his desire to marry her. Rallying the townspeople into action, Ringo sets about defeating the Fuentes brothers and winning back his family.

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