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Roy Colt e Winchester Jack

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Roy Colt e Winchester Jack (Italy 1970 / Director: Mario Bava)

  • Runtime: 86 min
  • Release Date: 13.8.1970

Also known as

Roy Colt and Winchester Jack (U.S.A.) | Drei Halunken und ein Halleluja (Germany) | Roy Colt E Winchester Jack (Brazil) | Tappavat kaverit (Italy) | Roy Colt y Winchester Jack (Spain) | Tappavat kaverit (Finland) | Roy Colt et Winchester Jack (France) | Quando as pistolas decidem (Portugal) | Erkeklik öldü mü amigo? (Turkey) | Roy Colt & Jack Winchester (Finland, English, archive version)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Brett Halsey (Roy Colt), Charles Southwood (Winchester Jack), Marilù Tolo (Mabila), Teodoro Corrà (Reverend), Isa Miranda (Mama Lizzy / Mammola), Guido Lollobrigida [as Lee Burton](Winchester's henchman), Bruno Corazzari (Reverend's henchman), Mauro Bosco (Bellatreccia / Berenstein), Federico Boido (Boida), Piero Morgia (Winchester's henchman), Franco Pesce (old checker player), Giorgio Gargiullo (Samuel), Maurizio Laureri (henchman), Leo De Nobili (henchman), Vincenzo Crocitti (deaf waiter), Osiride Pevarello (Reverend's henchman), Pietro Torrisi (Reverend's henchman), Fortunato Arena (Reverend's henchman in cave), Omero Capanna (bounty hunter), Bruno Ukmar (brawler), Romano Milani (Karton City citizen)
  • Story: Mario di Nardo, Mario Bava
  • Screenplay: Mario di Nardo
  • Cinematography: Antonio Rinaldi, Mario Bava [Eastmancolor - Panoramico 1,66:1]
  • Music: Piero Umiliani
  • Song: “Roy Colt” sung by Free Love
  • Producer: Luigi Alessi


Genre specialist Mario Bava takes a rare trip out to the plains in this rousing comedy-Western that turns the work of iconic spaghetti Western specialist Sergio Leone on its head. When Roy Colt (Brett Halsey) and Winchester Jack (Charles Southwood) fail to make a living at living dishonestly, Roy resolves to dissolve the partnership and earn an honest dollar in Carson City. Unexpectedly greeted upon arrival at Carson City with a badge and a gun, newfound sheriff Roy gets that old familiar feeling when the nervous citizens entrust him with a replica of a stolen treasure map that is said to lead to a bounty of buried gold. Unfortunately for Roy, the mysterious Reverend Teodoro Corra, a dynamite-toting Russian outlaw; his old partner Jack; a Jewish desperado named Berenstein (Mauro Bosco); and a wanted Native American seductress (Marilù Tolo) are also gunning for the gold. By the time Roy reaches the Indian burial ground where the gold is said to be buried, it's anyone's guess as to who will get the gold first.


The third western by Mario Bava is just another one which does neither please the fans of the director nor the SW fans very much. It's a half hearted mix of drama and comedy with undecided elements of self parody. In parts sloppily directed the film tries to be everything and ends being nothing really.

by Stanton


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