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Run Man Run DVD comparison

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This is the translated part of our German review of the new RUN MAN RUN release by Koch Media (Germany). As the movie is also available by Blue Underground and was previously available as part of Koch Media's now sold-out Sergio Sollima box, here's a short rundown of the differences.


the DVDs compared

How does the new Koch disc compare to the old one from the Sollima box and the Blue Underground release? Is an upgrade worth it for owners of the box? Does this one beat the Blue Underground (BU) disc? Koch's re-release offers an English audio track (in addition to English subtitles) this time, yet of course the BU release does not have German language options. Both have the Italian language track. The BU disc offers a different featurette and a 60 minute documentary whereas the Koch disc has the 15 minute Sollima interview that was also included in the box. As for video quality, the new Koch disc is the clear winner. The older one is not as sharp and very grainy and a bit darker. The BU is better in these respects, but has visible print damage and is also lacking sharpness. The new Koch disc is both very sharp and also a very clean transfer. Koch uses the Italian credits, BU the English ones. The screenshots below were made on my laptop using the VLC Player. As for the audio, I am not very sure. I'm not very happy with the audio on the Koch disc, but the difference across the releases seem minimal, with Blue Underground seeming to be a bit better.


(left to right: old Koch DVD, new Koch DVD, Blue Underground DVD - click to enlarge):
Sollimascreen1.pngKochscreen1.pngBluescreen1.png Sollimascreen2.pngKochscreen2.pngBluescreen2.png Sollimascreen3.pngKochscreen3.pngBluescreen3.png Sollimascreen4.pngKochscreen4.pngBluescreen4.png


Koch Media releases this classic once more within its rainbow colored collection. If you don't own the Sollima box yet, you should pick this one up, the movie has never looked better (a few glitches in the audio department are forgiveable). For owners of the box, the upgrade might be worth it, as the improvements in picture quality are enormous and the release is very cheap. If you own the Blue Underground release, you merely get a nice low budget release with additional German audio options. The image quality is superior, yet the differences are not as big as compared to the other Koch disc. The movie itself is of course a must. I hope this comparison helps, personally I recommend this new release.

--Sebastian 11:05, 29 March 2009 (UTC)

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