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Sapevano solo uccidere

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Sapevano solo uccidere (Italy 1968 / Director: Tanio Boccia [as Amerigo Anton])

  • Runtime: 94 min
  • Release Date: 10.3.1968

Also known as

Saguaro (Italy) | Solo sabian matar (Spain) | Mein Leben für die Rache (Germany) | I'll die for Vengeance (U.K.) | Seul contre les mercenaires (France) | Ixeran mono na skotonoun (Greece)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Kirk Morris (Jeff Smart), Larry Ward (Saguaro), Sergio Ciani [as Alan Steel] (Pedro), Gordon Mitchell (Clayton Foster), Gisella Arden [as Kim Arden] (Katy / Kathy), Dada Gallotti (Julie / Giulia), Ana Castor [as Anna Castor] (Meg, dancer), Aldo Cecconi (Bronco, hired hand), Rossana Rovere, Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia [as Ivan Scratuglia] (Hernando), Luciano Bonanni (Julie's father), Remo Capitani (stage shotgun), Attilio Marra, Alfonso Giganti (bank teller), Juan Fairen (saloon brawler)
  • Story: Mario Moroni, Tanio Boccia (as Amerigo Anton)
  • Screenplay: Mario Moroni, Tanio Boccia (as Amerigo Anton)
  • Cinematography: Fausto Rossi [Eastmancolor - Totalscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
  • Producers: Mario Caporali, Kelijko Kunkera [Danny Film (Rome)]


After his partner is killed and he is wounded by a gang of Mexicans, Jeff arrives in Lake City where he encounters several suspicious citizens and decides to stick around and take on a job as deputy sheriff.


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