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Sauerkraut Western

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Sauerkraut Western is a semi-serious moniker used to describe early 60s German westerns and is this a sub-category of the Eurowestern. The idea is the same as with the spaghetti western (Italian western), paella western (Spanish western) or curry western (Indian) and so forth.

Examples include the Wolf C. Hartwig productions of Friedrich Gerstäcker novels Die Goldsucher von Arkansas and Die Flußpiraten vom Mississippi, Rolf Olsens Letzte Ritt nach Santa Cruz, Der as well as the Lex Barker vehicles Manitoba, Wer kennt Jonny R.? or more famously the series of Karl May adaptations about the characters of Winnetou, Old Shatterhand and others - such as The Treasure of Silver Lake - that were enormous international box office successes and played a huge part in the economic effects that lead to the rise of the spaghetti western in the first place, whose early productions were co-financed by German producers.

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