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== External Links ==
== External Links ==
* [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0202571/  Internet Movie Database]
* [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0202571/  Internet Movie Database]
* [http://fistfulofpasta.com/index.php?go=reviews/rockspring  Review at Fistful of Pasta]
[[Category:Richard Harrison]][[Category:Donald O'Brien]][[Category:Felice Di Stefano]]
[[Category:Richard Harrison]][[Category:Donald O'Brien]][[Category:Felice Di Stefano]]

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Lo sceriffo di Rockspring (Italy 1971 / Director: Mario Sabatini (as Anthony Green))

  • Runtime: 86 min
  • Release Date: 17.12.1971

  • Production: Rasfilm
  • Distribution: Indipendenti Regionali

Also known as

The Sheriff of Rock Spring (U.S.A.) | Le shérif de Rockspring (France) | Rockspringin lainvalvoja (Finland) | O xerife indomavel (Portugal) | Sheriffen fra Rockspring (Denmark) | Sheriffen i Rock Springs (Sweden)


Richard Harrison (sheriff), Cosetta Greco, Donald O'Brien, Maria Morgan, Marino Sidri, Agostino De Simone, Maily Doria (as May Doria), Celso Faria, Teresa Franceschini, Sophia Kammara, Gianni Manera (as Joseph Logan), Mauro Mannatrizio, Marino Sidri, Sergio Scarchilli, Alessandro Perella, Maria D’Incoronato, Mimmo Bernardini , Pino Bernardi, Romano de Simone, Maria D'Incoronato, Elsa Gianni, Sofia Kammara, Lorena Limoncelli, Sophia Mannatrizio, Carlo Romano, Orazio Stracuzzi

  • Story: Elido Sorrentino, Luigi Gianni
  • Screenplay: Elido Sorrentino, Luigi Gianni
  • Cinematography: Gianni Raffaldi (KodakColor, Superscope 1,66:1)
  • Music: Felice Di Stefano, Gianfranco Di Stefano
  • Song: "La canzone del Coyote" sung by Lorena Limoncelli
  • Editing: Piera Bruni


In the village of Rockspring, the election of "little sheriff" is taking place, whereby a child is chosen to assist the local sheriff for a week. When a young girl is kidnapped, the sheriff sets off to rescue her, and the children organize their own search party to free their friend.

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