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Schrei der schwarzen Wölfe, Der

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Der Schrei der schwarzen Wölfe (West Germany 1972 / Director: Harald Reinl)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Schrei-Poster.jpg Contents:

Also known as

The Cry of the Black Wolves (U.S.A.) | The Howl of the Black Wolves (U.S.A.) | El Aullido de los lobos (Spain) | Il Cacciatore solitario (Italy) | Le hurlement des loups (France) | De roep van de zwarte wolf (Belgium) | Le hurlement des loups noirs (Belgium) | Mustan suden huuto (Finland) | Vargens son (Sweden) | Ulvens son (Danish) | Křik černých vlků (Czechoslovakia)

Cast and crew

  • Actors: Ron Ely (Bill Robin/Robinson), Raimund Harmstorf (Jack Harper), Gila von Weitershausen (Frona Williams), Arthur Brauss (Tornado Kid), Angelica Ott (Betty Taylor) Jean-Claude Hoffmann (Jimmy), Hans Terofal (Stumpy), Catharina Conti (Akaena), Carl Lange (Nicholas Morse), Alexander Grill (Forester), Dan van Husen (Joe), Kurt Bülau (Roy Murdock), Toni Berger (Mike Williams), Günter Clemens (Tom Lafferty), Undine Frohlich (Polly), Karin Lorson (Sara), Heinrich Schweiger (Sam Jenkins), Jan Groib, Sigfrit Steiner, Ernst H. Hilbich
  • Story: "Son of the Wolf" by Jack London
  • Screenplay: Kurt Nachmann, Rolf Olsen (idea)
  • Cinematography: Franz Xavier Lederle (as Franz X. Lederle) [color]
  • Music: Gerhard Heinz
  • Producer: Gunter Eulau

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