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Se sei vivo spara

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Se sei vivo spara (Italy, Spain 1967 / Director: Giulio Questi)

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Also known as

Django Kill, if You Live, Shoot! | Django Kill (U.S.A.) | Töte, Django (Germany) | Django - Leck Staub von meinem Colt (Germany) | Oro Hondo (Italy) | Si sei vivo, Spara! (Italy) | Oro Maldito (Spain) | Django mata (Portugal) | Tire encore si tu peux (France) | Django - tappaja (Finland) | Si eres vivo, dispara (Mexico) | Nasake Muyono Django (Japan) | O Pistoleiro das Balas de Ouro (Matar para Viver e Viver para Matar) (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Thomas Milian (The Stranger/Django), Piero Lulli (Oaks), Roberto Camardiel (Zorro), Paco Sanz (Hagerman/Alderman), Milo Quesada (Bill Templer), Marilu Tolo (Flory), Raymond Lovelock (Evan Templer), Patrizia Valturri (Elizabeth Hagerman/Alderman), Gene Collins (Collins), Frank Brana (Templer henchman), Miguel Serrano, Angel Silva, Sancho Gracia (Willy), Mirella Pamphili (as Mirella Panfili), Herman Reynoso (townsman)
  • Story: María del Carmen Martínez Román
  • Screenplay: Franco Arcalli, Giulio Questi
  • Cinematography: Franco Delli Colli [Eastmancolor, Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Ivan Vandor
  • Producer: Alex J. Rascal


Greed splits a gang of gold thieves, miraculously surviving the ensuing massacre "The Stranger" (Tomas Milian) sets out after his ex comrades for vengeance. A trail which leads him to a town "The Unhappy Place" where he discovers their sadistically murdered bodies. "The Stranger" finds himself caught between the towns two rival factions battling for the stolen gold. The townspeople led by a storekeeper called "Hagerman" (Francisco Sanz) who keeps his wife imprisoned and "The Muchachos" a gang of black uniformed homosexual Mexican bandits mounted on pure white horses, led by their adoring leader "Mr Sorrow" (Roberto Camardiel). --The Halitosis Kid 14:07, 9 December 2006 (CET)


"While Tomas Milian's character in this fim is never actually called Django, the title seems appropriate as a nod to the baroque atmosphere and style which Sergio Corbucci's film brought to the SW. In collaboration with frequent Bernardo Bertolucci-cowriter Franco Arcalli, director Giulio Questi has fashioned the most unusual, the most violent, and the most sensual western that Italian censors of the 60s would allow. Frequently described as "Sadian", this is actually an "art" film that succeeds in entertaining a non-art audience." (William Connolly)

An almost surreal film, and maybe the only anti-western amongst the SWs. Also the only of the political SWs which questions itself and the "message" it has.

by Stanton


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