Sette del gruppo selvaggio, I

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I sette del gruppo selvaggio (Italy 1972 / Director: Gianni Crea)

  • Runtime: 89 min
  • Release Date: 29.3.1975 (but see below)

Also known as

Seven Devils on Horseback (U.S.A.) | Seven Savage Men (U.S.A.) | Sieben - Hart wie Granit (Germany) | 7 Halunken hart wie Granit (Germany) | Der Ritt zur Hölle (Germany) Tornedo - Blaue Bohnen mit Speck (Germany) | Die Hölle wartet schon auf euch (Switzerland) | Haevneren (Denmark) | O Grupo Dos 7 Selvagens (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Dino Strano [as Dean Stratford](Jeff McNeal), Mario Brega (Tornado), Femi Benussi (Rosie), Gordon Mitchell (Cooper), Giuseppe Mattei [as Pino Mattei] (Foster, Cooper henchman), Jack Logan (Scotty, blond Cooper henchman), Mirella Rossi (Liz, Tornado's niece), Nino Musco (Howard, mayor), Maurizio Tocchi (Sheriff Perry), Luigi Antonio Guerra
  • Also with: Lina Franchi (Tornado's lady), Mimmo Maggio (Cooper henchman), Pietro Torrisi (Cooper henchman, townsman), Fulvio Pellegrino (gambler), Alfonso Giganti (Ross), Gennarino Pappagalli (old sheriff), Luigi Scavran (judge), Alberigo Donadeo (blacksmith), Aldo Barozzi (bartender), Franca Scagnetti (woman in street), Francesco Anniballi (man in street), Angelo Casadei (game observer), Artemio Antonini (game observer), Dada Gallotti (sister, recycled footage), Omero Gargano (Cooper spy, recycled footage), Furio Meniconi (farm hand, recycled footage), George Wang (Cooper henchman, recycled footage), Rik Battaglia (Cooper henchman, recycled footage), Attilio Dottesio (banker, recycled footage), Emilio Vale (gambler, recycled footage)
  • Screenplay: Gianni Crea
  • Cinematography: Silvio Fraschetti, Angelo Lotti [Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Stelvio Cipriani


Jeff McNeil's sister was killed by the Cooper gang. In the town of Stanton he gets his revenge.


Here we are clearly in Fidani country. A reward poster in the Sheriff's office with the word "Reward" twice in big letters above a sum of "5000$" on it, but with no name or picture on it, shows how accurately this true turkey was made. Recommended for fans of the unintended humour, and a true contender for the dodgy honour to be the worst SW ever.

by Stanton


The film was already shot in 1972 but for unknown reasons wasn't released until 1975. The music was basically taken from Cipriani's Blindman soundtrack and the first 10 min especially contain scenes from Tanio Boccia's La lunga cavalcata della vendetta.


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