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Sie nannten ihn Gringo

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Sie nannten ihn Gringo (West Germany, Spain 1965 / Director: Roy Rowland)

  • Release Date: 19.3.1965
  • Runtime: 87 min

Also known as

La ley del forastero (Spain) | The Man Called Gringo (U.S.A.) | Regresa un pistolero (Spain) | Jagt den Gringo zur Holle (Germany) | Lo sceriffo non paga il sabato (Italy) | Gringo Derler Adima (Turkey)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Götz George (Mace Carson), Helmut Schmid (Ken Denton), Alexandra Stewart (Lucy Walton), Daniel Martín (Gringo), Sieghardt Rupp (Reno), Silvia Solar [as Sylvia Solar](Kate Rowland), Pietro Tordi [as Peter Tordy](Sam Martin), Hugo Pimentel (Dave Walton), Franco Lantieri (Tiny), Valentino Macchi (Tim Walton), Hilario Flores [as Hilario Fuertes](Sheriff Ed), Julio César Semper (Pecos)
  • Story: ‘A Stranger Goes His Way’ by G. Smith
  • Screenplay: Francisco Gonzalvez, Helmut Harun (Helmut Habrich), Clarke Reynolds, Alex Berg (Herbert Reinecker)
  • Cinematography: Manuel Merino [as Mel Merino] [Eastmancolor - Cinemascope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Piero Piccioni (International version), Heinz Gietz (German version)
  • Producer: Alfonso Carcasona

Filming locations

  • Colmenar Viejo, Madrid, Spain
  • Manzanares el Real, Madrid, Spain


In the city of Silver Springs, caretaker and lawyer Ken Denton, a wolf in sheep's clothes, is following his bad plans. He aims with the help of Gringo and his gang to ruin the old rancher Martin and then plans to take over the Freight Company, but a stranger called Mace Carson arrives and takes an interest in Martin's plight.


In a time when less and less westerns were produced in the USA, Hollywood director Roy Rowland went to Europe to shoot this simple movie, a typical naive German western of the mid-sixties.

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