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Sokové (Czechoslovakia 1911 / Director: Antonín Pech)

  • Runtime:
  • Release Date: incomplete movie, short torso from original silent movie

Also known as

The Rivals (English informal title)

Cast and Crew

  • Cinematography: Antonín Pech


A description of the surviving scenes: Two girls are dancing in the inn, one wearing a white dress, the other in black - a bandit arrives - the bandit han an argument with another guest about one of the girls - the fight continues on the rocks - the bandit throws his rival off the cliff - the girl in black mourns the dead man - a cowboy appears on a horse - the girl in black laments the crime to him - the cowboy catches up with the bandit, he disarms him and ties him to a tree - the old man who is towatch over the captive gets drunk and falls asleep - the girl in white, armed with a revolver, frees the bandit, her lover, and they both tie the watchman to the tree instead - the cowboy returns and again fights with the bandit - the girl in white is accidently shot during the ensuing duel - the cowboy leads the handcuffed bandit away. (Description of the survived scenes.

  • Source: NFA - Národní filmový archiv v Praze (Česká republika) | NFA - The National Film Archive in Prague (Czech Republic)


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