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The SWDb's calendar of upcoming Spaghetti Western DVD, BluRay, 4K UHD, Vinyl, CD and book releases. Archives of previous years are at the end of the page. Last Updated May 23, 2023.

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Titles here are unconfirmed. The SWDb lists them because of rumors, suspicions or plausible assumptions. That means there is some reason we list them here, but unless we have concrete evidence or indications, we can’t yet consider them actually coming soon. Submit news by contacting the SWDb.

Titles here can be considered fairly safe, but have either not been officially announced, or have not concrete release date yet. That means we know they’re coming, at some point at least, they may even have been mentioned by a label or someone involved, or shown up on some news site, but there’s nothing concrete enough yet to know when. Submit news by contacting the SWDb.

Known releases in the near future (if they don't have a concrete release date, they will remain in the TBA category). These have a projected release date, but there may not yet be enough info to include them in a dedicated monthly cover gallery (or there aren't enough titles to justify one). Submit news by contacting the SWDb.

  • None yet, please get in touch.




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Release Archives

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