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* [[Im Staub der Sonne DVD Review |DVD Review (German)]]  
* [[Im Staub der Sonne DVD Review |DVD Review (German)]]  
* [[/Opinions|Opinions]]
* [[/Opinions|Opinions]]
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* [ Forum Topic]
*'''Runtime:''' 96 min
*'''Runtime:''' 96 min

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Spara, Gringo, spara (Italy 1968 / Director: Bruno Corbucci (as Frank B. Corlish / Billy Michaels))

  • Runtime: 96 min
  • Release Date: 31.8.1968

Also known as

The Longest Hunt (U.S.A.) | Shoot, Gringo... Shoot! (U.S.A.) | Tire Django, tire (France) | Im Staub der Sonne (Germany) | Stark el pistolero (Spain) | Schiet Django Schiet! (Belgium) | Rainbow all'ultimo minuto (Italy) | Den laengste jagt (Denmark) | Den laengste jakten (Sweden) | Gringo, dispare sem piedade (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Brian Kelly (Chad Stark / Django), Fabrizio Moroni (as Fred Munroe)(Fidel), Keenan Wynn (Major Charlie Doneghan), Erika Blanc (Sally / Jocelyn), Folco Lulli (Don Hernando Gutierrez), Rik Battaglia (as Fred Austin)(Major Norton), Giovanni Pallavicino (York, banker), Luigi Bonos (Sergeant Washington Peck), Enzo Andronico (Gunther, Doneghan henchman), Furio Meniconi (Officer Pass, Doneghan henchman), Krista Nell (Sheila, saloon girl), Linda Sini (as Virginia Field)(Dona Sol Gutierrez), Ignazio Leone (as Clive Stancon)(doctor), Luca Sportelli (balding bartender), Manuel Muñiz [as Pajarito](Heathcliff, Doneghan henchman), Roland Bartrop (Warner), Lina Franchi (as Bonnie Miles)(Rosita), Osiride Pevarello (Don Hernando henchman), Bruno Arié (Don Hernando henchman), Lino Desmond (Londonderry), Leo Gavero (Jamison, lawman), James Mendez (Pablo), Alvaro Arnez (bandit), Eric Fisher (bandit), Antonio Lopez (bandit), Robert Anthony (bandit), Mark Melott (Doneghan soldier), Tex Krichner (Doneghan soldier), Van Lanen (Doneghan soldier), George Thurber (Doneghan soldier), Reb Buchanan (Doneghan soldier), Manuela Rivera (Tina), Steve Harper (bartender), Manuel Juarez (Miguel), Samuel Stevens (sheriff), Paul Wolff (deputy), Peter Breeze (deputy), Henrietta Vigne (doctor's wife), Arlene Saunders (Mrs. Londonderry), Carl Mann (army officer), Gil Lockwood (soldier), Francis Langoise (soldier), David Glass (soldier), Corey Shelton (soldier), John Scarsdale (soldier), Victor Green (soldier), Herbert Potter (soldier), Dale Anderson (soldier), Jose Ruiz Cortine (bandito), Porfirio Tamayo (bandito), Jerry Downes (bandito), Diego Cardenas (bandito), Phil Peters (bandito), Emiliano Aleman (bandito), Manuel Lopez (bandito), Pasquale Basile (Don Hernando henchman), Jimmy il Fenemeno
  • Screenplay: Mario Amendola (as Dean Whitcomb), Bruno Corbucci
  • Cinematography: Fausto Zuccoli [Eastmancolor - Cinemascope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Sante Maria Romitelli (as Richard Ira Silver)
  • Song: “Rainbow… vorrei… vorrei” sung by Little Tony
  • Producer: William Sachs


A landowner hires gunman Stark to bring his stepson Fidel back, who ran away and joined a band of outlaws. Stark develops a strategy to lure Fidel away from the gang and trick everyone, but Fidel doesn't really want to get back to his stepfather, and a cat and mouse game unfolds.


Spara, gringo, spara is told from Stark's point of view, but it is Fidel and his search for identity, in conflict with his different father figures, which keeps the story going. The biological father he never knew, the detested stepfather he knows too well, and his chosen ersatz fathers, Doneghan and later Stark. Compared to the classic US western, in which such an inner struggle would mostly be related to the social values of the pioneer's society, the cynical SW world with its corrupt society offers no reference point, and the sheriffs, as representatives of an unjust law, are killed with casual nonchalance. Bruno Corbucci, the little brother of Sergio, who is mainly known for comedies, shows with this remarkable genre contribution that he was also capable of becoming a competent director of action films.

by Stanton

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