Spara amigo spara

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Spara amigo big.jpg

Spara amigo, spara! (Italy 1998, Director: Alberto Donati)

  • Runtime: 22 minutes

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Ettore Mazzoli, Alessandro Baldassari, Matteo Capponi, Carla Cavina, Katia Argalia, Matteo Lamargese, Michele Guidi, Andrea Tavacca, Daniele Merlo, Vania Galeotti, Matteo Berardi, Andrea Marra
  • Story: Alberto Donati
  • Screenplay: Alberto Donati
  • Cinematography: Alberto Donati [color]
  • Music: Guidi-Donati
  • Producer: Alberto Donati


A gunman goes on a vendetta mission against the people who betrayed him.


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