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  • ...r for some reason (4). He was then replaced by [[:Category:Yul Brynner|Yul Brynner]], whose character would only be called Sabata in the international English ==A New man in Black, Yul: '''[[Adios Sabata]]''' (1970):==
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  • *'''Cast:''' [[:Category:Yul Brynner|Yul Brynner]] (Pancho Villa), Robert Mitchum (Lee Arnold), Maria Grazia Buccella [as Gr ...inpah was fired and his script was rewritten by Robert Towne to conform to Brynner's idea of what Villa was like.
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  • ...ommen, die bei den Österreichern zu holen ist, soll ihnen Sabata ('''''Yul Brynner''''') dabei helfen. Sie vertrauen auf die Kunst des eiskalten Killers, etwa ...geben wurde. '''''Yul''''' spielt '''''Lee''''', '''''Lee''''' spielt '''''Yul'''''. Hört sich doch gut an (!?) aber '''The Magnificent Seven Ride''' wur
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  • ...ernational market he was renamed [[Sabata]]. Lip readers have noticed that Brynner is called "Sabata" (not "Indio") by those actors who mouth their lines in E ...veral actors in identical roles (and a few other actors in similar roles). Brynner is wearing a fringy uniform instead of a black cloak, but the character is
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  • ...tti Western series with a character called Indio Black to be played by Yul Brynner, but Director [[:Category:Gianfranco Parolini|Gianfranco Parolini]] decided Sabata (Brynner) is hired by a group of Mexican revolutionaries to help them rob the occupy
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  • *'''Cast:''' Yul Brynner (Indio Black / Sabata), [[:Category:Dean Reed|Dean Reed]] (Ballantine), [[I looking fringe costume. But for the international release, the film and Brynner were promptly retitled to Sabata, so that this is now mostly regarded as th
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  • * '''Cast:''' Yul Brynner (Catlow), Richard Crenna (Ben Cowan), Leonard Nimoy (Miller), Daliah Lavi ( Comedic western based on a Louis L'Amour novel, starring Yul Brynner ([
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  • Brynner is the sole returning cast member from the original movie. Fuller steps int '''Cast:'''Yul Brynner, Robert Fuller, Julián Mateos, Claude Akins, Warren Oates, Elisa Montes, E
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  • ...nchise' with the Sabata movies, starring [[Lee Van Cleef]] (twice) and Yul Brynner (once) as the black-clad gentleman gunslinger Sabata (*1). Garko played cha ...e name was changed into Sabata on the set. Lipreading viewers noticed that Brynner is called "Sabata" (not "Indio") by those actors who mouth their lines in E
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  • * Cast: Yul Brynner, Robert Mitchum, Charles Bronson, Frank Wolff, Herbert Lom, Fernando Rey, A ...ript was written by '''Sam Peckinpah''', but reportedly it was rejected by Brynner, who didn’t like Peckinpah’s portrayal of Villa as a cynical and rather
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  • * '''Cast:''' Yul Brynner (Chris Adams), Robert Fuller (Vin), Julián Mateos (Chico), Warren Oates (C [[Category:Yul Brynner]][[Category:Julián Mateos]][[Category:Fernando Rey]][[Category:Ricardo Pal
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  • |<center>[[:Category:Yul Brynner|Yul Brynner]]</center>
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  • Indio Black (Yul Brynner, in most countries called Sabata, although some jokes don't make sense then ...y comes into play when looking at production design and action scenes. Yul Brynner delivers a character you could care less about, nothing but a few cool line
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  • [[:Category:Yul Brynner|BRYNNER]], Yul (Yuli Borisovichy Bryner) - 7/7/1915, Vladivostok, Russia -
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  • ...; Fabio Testi; Franco Nero; Hunt Powers; Terence Hill; Robert Hossein; Yul Brynner; Clint Eastwood with Sergio Leone; * Autograph of the week: Jay shows the autograph of Yul Brynner, Daniel of George Hilton and Tom of Ruth Buzzi.
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  • the larger-than-life impression of the character. The rifle used by Yul Brynner's Sabata in [[Adios Sabata]], is quite bizarre: it has a horizontal magazin
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  • ...[[Lee Van Cleef]] had rejected the offer to appear in the sequel, and Yul Brynner had taken over the role. Lee himself had tried to convert his spaghetti wes
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  • ...Magnificent Seven'' was shot in Spain. George Kennedy takes over from Yul Brynner as Chris, the leader of the Seven. With this third entry, we also enter Zap
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  • ...e ti dico: Sei un gran figlio di...|Adios Sabata]]''' (1971), starring Yul Brynner. Like “[[Django]]”, both “Sartana” and “Sabata” were popular en
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  • ...nd the film’s success ensured two official sequels: Adios Sabata (with Yul Brynner) and Return of Sabata (with Van Cleef).</div>
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  • spaghetti western, [[Adios Sabata]], he was cast alongside Yul Brynner who never spoke a word to him on the set for this reason. In ''Dio li Crea'
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  • ...d to know that the Magnificent Seven are in safe hands again. Dropping Yul Brynner and bringing on George Kennedy to play Chris was a risky move, but it pays
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  • In the second film Adios Sabata, the title character was played by Yul Brynner (but only outside of Italy, where the character was originally called Indio
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