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Starblack (Italy, West Germany 1966 / Director: Giovanni Grimaldi (as Gianni Grimaldi))

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  • Runtime: 93 min (102 min?)
  • Release Date: 25.8.1966

Also known as

Django - Schwarzer Gott des Todes (Germany) | Black Star (Germany) | Johnny Colt (U.S.A.) (France) | O Estrela Negra (Portugal) | Siyah Yildizli Serif (Turkey)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Robert Woods (Johnny "Colt" Blythe / Starblack), Elga Andersen (Caroline Williams), Franco Lantieri (Curry), Marianne Tuch (as Jane Tilden)(Martha, Johnny's mother), Andrea Scotti (Sheriff Forbey), Harald Wolff (Judge Thomas King), Renato Rossini (as Howard Ross)(Job), Eugenio Galadini [as Graham Sooty] (Henry Williams), Rossella Bergamonti (Mrs. Forrester), Gianluigi Cresenzi, Giulio Galdini, Ettore Manni, Valentino Macchi, Vincenzo Maggio, Franco Scala, Sergio Ukmar
  • Story: Giovanni Grimaldi
  • Screenplay: Giovanni Grimaldi
  • Cinematography: Guglielmo Mancori [Eastmancolor - Panoramico 1,66:1]
  • Music: Benedetto Ghiglia
  • Song: "I Got To Keep Moving On" sung by Robert Woods
  • Producer: Paolo Moffa


Starblack is a hero who dresses in black and his face is covered by a black scarf and he carries in his shirt a black star, which he always leaves at the scene of his enterprises, as a symbol of justice. A lot of good SW action and old serial flavour... and Robert Woods really sings.- António R.


Starblack is a rather old fashioned looking adventure yarn, which could also had been filmed 10 years earlier. Only the SW typical violence points at 1966, the year of its release. The simplicity of the film is remarkable and in odds with several of the violent outbursts in the action scenes. But Giovanni Grimaldi's directing is often done with a refreshing verve, and makes the film in defiance of the general naivety quite entertaining.

by Stanton


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