Summer Love

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Summer Love (Poland, USA 2006 / Director: Piotr Uklanski)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Summer love theatrical poster.jpg Contents:

Also known as

Dead Man's Bounty (U.S.A.) | Letnia miłość (Poland)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Boguslaw Linda (The Sheriff), Karel Roden (The Stranger), Katarzyna Figura (The Woman), Val Kilmer (The Wanted Man), Anna Baniowska (dying young woman), Romuald Andrezej Klos (station master), Rafal Mohr (shop assistant), Jerz Rogalski (shopkeeper), Miroslaw Zbrojewicz (The Boxer), Bartosz Zukowski (The Blonde Man), Marek Barbasierwicz (State Marshal), Krzysztof Zaleski (The Big Man), Grzegorz Emanuel ("Rat"), Jan Urbanski (stable boy), Jerzy Cnota (townsman), Andrzej Szenajch (townsman), Lech Dyblik (Squint), Andrezej Rog (Mexican), Michael Jurewicz (running man), Alison Gingeras (naked ass girl), Slawomir Doniecki (posse member), Luke Carpenter (telegram boy)
  • Story: Piotr Uklanski
  • Screenplay: Piotr Uklanski
  • Cinematography: Jacek Petrycki [Kodakcolor]
  • Music: Music: Karel Holas, India Czajkowska
  • Songs: "I'm a Gun" sung by Lorne Green, "Summer Love" by John Davidson
  • Producers: Piotr Uklanski, Staffan Ahrenberg, Hamish Skeggs
  • Editor: Mike Horton


An allegorical Western, Summer Love literally begins with a bang. With the audience still sitting in darkness, a shot rings out. A man appears on-screen... dressed in black... bleeding... dying. It is THE STRANGER (Karel Roden), a harbinger of death, a nameless catalyst foreshadowing events to come.

As the film unfolds the characters are introduced not by name, but by what they represent. THE WOMAN (Katarzyna Figura) is a fading beauty who can't quite conceal the scars of her past. THE SHERIFF (Boguslaw Linda) is an alcoholic, lovelorn shell of a man who is literally mutilating himself over losing The Woman. THE BIG MAN (Krzysztof Zaleski) is a fat, jealous cohort of The Sheriff who lusts after The Woman.

One day, The Stranger comes to town on horseback with THE WANTED MAN (Val Kilmer) who he retrieved at the site of a massacre in the film's opening scenes. The Stranger has come to collect the bounty money. He winds up getting roped into playing The Sheriff's sadistic gambling game and loses The Wanted Man to the gloating Sheriff. Fed up this self-destructive ploy, The Woman storms out of the saloon. Later that night, The Woman in a state of desperation seduces The Stranger. All hell breaks loose after their night of passion. A posse is formed under the Sheriff's inept leadership and an epic manhunt ensues.

Told in a highly visual style, Summer Love recounts a tale of love, pain, redemption and death. On a surface the story is as old as time: Man loses Woman... Woman wants a new life... Stranger comes to town. Summer Love relies less on dialogue than upon on fast paced, meticulously composed images. They lead the audience into the hearts and minds of the characters creating the visual tableaux that tell their stories.

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