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Texas - Doc Snyder hält die Welt in Atem

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Texas - Doc Snyder hält die Welt in Atem (Germany 1993 / Ralf Huettner, Helge Schneider)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Also known as

Texas Doc Snyder (U.S.A.)


  • Cast: Helge Schneider (Doc Snyder), Andreas Kunze (Doc's Mother), Peter Berling (Hank Snyder), Peter Thoms (Nasenmann), Werner Abrolat (Sheriff), Helmut Körschgen (Lieutenant Korschgen), Buddy Casino (Buddy Casino), Michael Habeck (Buckliger), Ludwig Haas (von Zitzewitz), Charlie Weiss (Dear God), Gerd Lohmeyer (banker), Helmut Kleinmann (mayor), Mirjam Wiesemann (noble lady), Christa Strobel (noble woman), Ludger Pistor (Querulant), Rupert Seidl (Storrer), Schringo van den Berg (saloon band musician), Sergej Gleithmann (saloon band musician), Wayne Bartlett (saloon band musician), Herbert Ranft (barkeeper), Herbert Knebel (as Uwe Lyko)(worker at the Galgen), Martin ‘Alf’ Breuer (worker at the Galgen), Reinhard Gloder (undertaker), Matthias Scheele (trainee), Bratislav Metulsky (Bratislav Metulsky), Kara Natias (Schmeid), Boris (horse)

  • Story: Helge Schneider
  • Screenplay: Helge Schneider, Schringo van den Berg
  • Cinematography: Diethard Prengel [color]
  • Music: Helge Schneider
  • Song: "Texas" sung by Helge Schneider
  • Producer: Hanno Huth


After 30 years Doc Snyder leaves his mother and goes in search of his brother Hank in order to settle an old account.

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