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The Arizona Kid

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Arizona Kid (Italy, The Philippines 1971 / Director: Luciano Carlos)

Arizonakidvidfront22.jpg Contents:

Also known as

I fratelli di Arizona (Italy)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Augusto Pangan (as Chiquito)(Ambo), Gordon Mitchell (Coyote), Mamie Van Doren (Sharon Miller), Mariela Branger (Ramona), Bernard Bonnin (Leonardo), Cass Martin, Dan van Husen (first outlaw leader), Ví­ctor Israel (Frank, second outlaw leader), Ralphy Arando, Tony Brandt, Vicente Roca (stagecoach passenger), Modesto Dajaradop, John Mark, Zalda Moreno, Pilar Velá, Marquito Revilla, Gene Reyes, Ramón Serrano, Felipe Silano
  • Story: Luciano B. Carlos
  • Screenplay: Lino Broka (as Lino Brooks), Luciano B. Carlos
  • Cinematography: Felipe Sacodalan [color]
  • Music: Restie Umali
  • Producer: Cirio H. Santiago


One cold night a Filipino immigrant stumbles upon a corpse and takes his clothes for warmth. When he arrives in town the next day he is mistaken by the citizens to be the "Arizona Kid", who has been hired to protect them from a gang of outlaws terrorizing the town.


Not really but that sounds better than whatever this incoherent mess is about. --carlos (talk) 05:01, 29 February 2016 (UTC)


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