The Christmas Kid

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The Christmas Kid (USA, Spain 1967 / Director: Sidney W. Pink)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Xmaskid.jpg Contents:

Also known as

Jasper City'n legenda (Finland) | Joe Navidad (Spain) | Mannen från Arizona (Sweden) | Lo sceriffo senza stella (Italy) | Christmas Kid

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Jeffrey Hunter (Joe Novak), Louis Hayward (Mike Culligan), Gustavo Rojo (Mayor Louis Carillo), Perla Cristal (Marie Lefleur), Luis Prendes (Judge George Perkins), Reginald Gilliam (as Reginald Gillam)(Doctor Fred Carter), Fernando Hilbeck (Jud Walters), Jack Taylor (John Novak), Eric Chapman (Percy Martin), Russ Stoddard (Pete Prima), Carl Rapp (as Carl Raff)(Sheriff Anderson), Guillermo Méndez (Karl Humber), Alvaro de Luna (as Al Luna)(Burt Froelich), Alejandra Nilo (Marika Novak), Gordon De Vere (uncredited), Dennis Kilbane (Luke Acker), Ben Tatar (prosecuting attorney)
  • Story: Jim Heneghan, Ridrigo Rivero
  • Screenplay: Jim Heneghan, Rodrigo Rivero
  • Cinematography: Manuel Hernandez San Juan [Eastmancolor, Panavision]
  • Music: Fernando García Morcillo
  • Producer: Sidney W. Pink


John Novak and his pregnant wife Marika are seeking a new life when their wagon breaks down beyond repair. Marika bears a son on Christmas morning, but dies during labor. The Christmas Kid was born, but will bear the scar of his fathers hostility for Marika's death.

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