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In the introduction of his Dizionario del western all’italiano, Italian author Marco Giusti says that he used to dream of two things when he was a kid: becoming sheriff and marrying actress Gianna Maria Canale. Many Italian kids might have had the same dreams, and one of them must have been Sergio Leone. Maybe Canale wasn’t the woman he idolized, but I’m sure that most of his dreams as a kid were about the Far West. In 1964, and with the help of a Clint, a poncho and a fistful for dollars, this kid, than a grown-up man, would rewrite the history of the western genre with the first part of what is now called the Dollar Trilogy. One year later the two men were joined by Lee van Cleef for what has been called the spaghetti western, the one that has all the right ingredients (plus a few dollars more). In 1966 Sergio, Clint and Lee were joined by Eli for what is now considered by many as the greatest western in history...

...The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

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