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Watch the movie on You Tube:
Watch the movie on You Tube:


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The Men Who Were Shot in the Lungs (The Netherlands, 2013 / Director: Lenn-Art van Oostenbrugge)

  • Running time: 3:45 mins
  • Release Date: 05-07-2013

Cast and Crew

Patrick Martens (The Stranger), Roderick Derksen (Outlaw 'Corbet'), Sytse Faber (Outlaw 'Django'), Vincent Leloux (Outlaw 'Keoma'),

  • Titles: Lenn-Art van Oostenbrugge
  • Screenplay: Lenn-Art van Oostenbrugge
  • Music: Lenn-Art van Oostenbrugge
  • Cinematography: Evert Jan Velt
  • Executive Producers: Esther Kool, Simon Sliphorst
  • Production Manager: Joel Brown
  • Production Assistant: Linde Pietersen
  • Editor: Joel Brown; Sound: Jan Willem Beckmans, Bas Baakman; Lighting: Willem Dekker; First Assistant Director: Abel Heijkamp; Art Director: Tessa Ward; Script Supervisor: David Adank.


Three men enter a saloon, looking for trouble. Most visitors are scared off by their look, but one of them, a mysterious man knick-named 'The Stranger' challenges them to a shootout. The outcome is totally unpredictable.


This short movie is the first foray into the spaghetti western genre by young Dutch artist Lenn-Art van Oostenbrugge

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Watch the movie on You Tube:

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