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Thompson 1880 (Italy, Spain 1966 / Director: Guido Zurli)

  • Runtime: 89 min
  • Release Date: 13.10.1966

Also known as

Schneller als 1000 Colts (Germany)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: George Martin (Raymond 'Ray' Alec Thompson), Gia Sandri (Sheila O'Connor), Gordon Mitchell (Glenn Sheppard), Paul Muller (Jameson Brady), José Bódalo (Judge Lennox), José Jaspe, Ignazio Spalla (as Pedro Sanchez)(Pancho), Pasquale Basile (as Pat Basil)(Lucky), Consalvo Dell'Arti, Mike Monty, Aïché Nana (Fanny), Osiride Pevarello, Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia (as Ivan Scratuglia), Dino Strano (as Dean Stratford)(Axel), Giovanni Sabbatini, Giovanni Tsao, Giovanni Petti, Antonio Basile (as Anthony Basil), Nino Fuscagni (Stefano Fuscagni), Nino Nini, Jose Aspre, Omero Capanna, Gippo Leone

  • Story: Enzo Gicca Palli
  • Screenplay: Jaime Jesús Balcázar
  • Cinematography: Ví­ctor Monreal, Franco Villa [Eastmancolor, Panoramica 1.66;1]
  • Music: Marcello Gigante
  • Producers: Franco Mannocchi, Alfonso Balcázar


Ray, young and destitute, reaches Desert Spring, carrying a case on top of his mule. A gang headed by Brady uses apparently legal means to prevent anyone from trading and exploits all the town's possibilities for itself. The only one who dares to protest is Sheila, the daughter of a tradesman who has been ruined by Brady. She therefore welcomes Ray, hoping to make him an ally. But the young man doesn't even known how to handle a gun. However, when Brady's men beat him up and humiliate him, Ray decides to stay.


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