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Three Bullets for a Long Gun

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Three Bullets for a Long Gun (Year: 1970 / Director: Peter Henkel)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern
  • Country: Germany, South Africa
  • Runtime: 85 min

Also known as

Friß den Staub von meinen Stiefeln (Germany) | Django I Mexico (Denmark) | Ehi amigo! Tocca a te morire (Italy) | Le sanguinaire, le roublard, le vicieux (France) | Drie kogels voor een lang geweer (Netherlands)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Beau Brummell (Major), Keith Van Der Wat (Lucky), Patrick Mynhardt (Hawk-Eye),Tullio Moneta (Moses), Don McCorkindale, Gaby Getz, José DeSousa, Butch Stoltz, John Barroso, Umberto Adaggi (as Umberto Addaggi), Celia Brummell, Janis Reinhardt, Joaquim Gomez
  • Written by: Keith Van Der Wat
  • Cinematography: Andre Liebenberg
  • Original Music: Keith Mansfield
  • Producer: Ramsey Joynt


A Mexican bandit faces the firing squad - the call to fire about to be made. Suddenly, out of nowhere a lone man appears, killing the entire squad. But this act of mercy was not performed out of kindness or compassion...the stranger has one half of a map that leads to a cache of gold; the outlaw has the other.


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