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Tierra brutal

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Tierra Brutal (Spain, UK 1961 / Director: Michael Carreras)

  • Runtime: 83 min
  • Release Dates: October 1962 (Spain, USA) | January 1963 (Italy)

Also known as

Pistolas salvaje (Spain) | Bis aufs Blut West (Germany) | La chevauchée des outlaws (France) | I fuorilegge della valle solitaria (Italy) | Julma ase (Finland) | The Savage Guns (U.S.A.) | Armas Selvagens (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Richard Basehart (Steve Fallon), Paquita Rico (Franchea Summers), Don Taylor (Mike Summers), Alex Nicol (Danny Post), José Nieto (Ortega), María Granada (Juana), Fernando Rey (Don Hernán), Félix Fernández (Paco, Summers foreman), José Manuel Martín (Segura, Ortega henchman), Francisco Camoiras (Manolo, Ortega driver), Rafael Albaicí­n (Gonzales, Ortega henchman), Alfonso Rojas (Ruiz, Ortega henchman), Antonio Fuentes (Captain Baez), Sergio Mendizábal (alcalde mayor), Pilar Caballero (Lupe, Sanchez's wife), Ví­ctor Bayo (Miguel Sanchez), Xan das Bolas (Pedro, cantina proprietor), Rafael Vaquero (padre), Manuel Peña (Gomez)
  • Story: Edmund Morris, Jose Gutierrez Maesso [as Jose G. Morris]
  • Screenplay: Edmund Morris, Jose Gutierrez Maesso [as Jose G. Morris], Jimmy Sangster
  • Cinematography: Alfredo Fraile [Eastmancolor, TotalScope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Anton Garcia Abril
  • Producers: Jose G. Maesso, Jimmy Sangster


A little talkative but otherwise up to par, this western by director Michael Carreras in cooperation with a Madrid studio, is set in the Mexican valley of Sonora not that far south of the state of Arizona. The time is just after the American Civil War, and a former Confederate officer, Mike Summers (Don Taylor) has taken refuge in a small town in the valley. He has married and is hoping to live in peace the rest of his life. Instead, he and his wife and the rest of the town are suffering the depredations of a brutal gunman, Danny Pose (Alex Nicol), and his gang of outlaws. Summers holds off picking up a gun because of his personal vow of non-violence. But the situation deteriorates and a new ally comes into the picture, Steve Fallon (Richard Basehart), a wandering gunslinger who may not be able to handle the bad guys alone.

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