Titimekův náhrdelník

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Titimekův náhrdelník (Czechoslovakia 1920 / Director: Václav Binovec)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern
  • Runtime:
  • Release Date: 17.3.1920

Also known as

Teddy Would Like to Smoke (Informative English Title) | Titimek's Necklace (Unofficial English Title)

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Václav Binovec (Czech Emigrant), Ladislav H. Struna (traitorous Mestizo), Mary Jansová, Marie Vítková, Hugo Kraus, Vladimír Pospíšil-Born.
  • Story: Tommy Falley-Novotný
  • Screenplay: Tommy Falley-Novotný
  • Cinematography: Tommy Falley-Novotný
  • Art Director: František Veselý
  • Set Decorator: František Veselý


A Czech emigrant in America is searching for Aztec treasure in Titimec's tomb. He finds an emerald necklace for which he has to fight to the death. Finally he wins the hand of a beautiful girl.

  • Source: NFA - Národní filmový archiv v Praze (Česká republika) | NFA - The National Film Archive in Prague (Czech Republic)


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