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Trini (East Germany 1976 / Director: Walter Beck)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern


Also known as

Stirb fur Zapata (Germany) | Blesky nau Mexikem | Death for Zapata | Zapatta i djecak Trini (Yugoslavia)

Cast and crew

Gunnar Helm (Trini), Giso Weißbach (Geronimo), Dimitrina Savova (Ambrosia), Gunter Friedrich (Paco), Iwan Tomow (Emiliano Zapata), Michael Kann (Mario Puente), Klaus Bamberg (Lieutenant Mendoza), Eckhard Bilz (Margarito), Ljubomir Kisselitschki (Carlos), Holger Mahlich (Doctor Leon), Mariana Mitrowitsch (Ines), Hans-Jürgen Müller-Hohensee (Fernando), Leon Niemczyk (Ariola), Naitscho Petrov (Sancho), Helmut Schreiber (Torres), Gianina Gilge Gräfin Ariola), Kurt Götz (Kutscher), Freya Klier Elena), Jörg Knoche (Hernán Alonso), Heinz Luschik (Pablo), Nico Turoff (Diener Manuel), Bruno Carstens, Ljubomir Dimov, Wolfgang Kuhne

  • Story: "Trini" by Ludwig von Renn
  • Screenplay: Margot Beichler
  • Cinematography: Horst Hardt [color]
  • Music: Günther Fischer
  • Song: "Trini" sung by Gisela May
  • Producer: Alexander Losche


Trini avenges the torture of his uncle by a landowner’s son. Trini and his fellow peons destroy the landowner’s home and overpower his guards with the help of Emiliano Zapata. Zapata is killed in a conspiracy before Trini can warn him.


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