Uncas, el fin de una raza

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Uncas, el fin de una raza (Spain, France, Italy 1965 / Director: Mateo Diaz Cano [as Matthew Kane])

  • Runtime: 84 min
  • Release Date: 20.8.1965

Also known as

El ultimo de los Mohicanos (Spain) | L'Ultimo dei Mohicani (Italy) | Le dernier des Mohicans (France) | Lederstrumpf - Der letzte Mohikaner (Germany) | Fall of the Mohicans (U.S.A.) | The Last of the Mohicans (U.S.A.) | La chute des Mohicans (Belgium) | De ondergang der Mohikanen (Belgium) | Den sidste Mohikaner (Sweden) | Viimeinen mohikaani (Finland) | A Volta do Moicano (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Jack Taylor (Major Duncan Heyward), Sara Lezana (Cora Munro), Daniel Martin (Unkas), José Marco [as Joseph Marco](Chingachgook), Luis Induni (Hawkeye), Paul Muller (Colonel Munro), José Manuel Martin (Cunning Fox), Maria Gentilini [as Barbara Loy](Alice Munro), Pastor Serrador (General Marquis de Montcalm), Carlos Casaravilla (Tamenund), Modesto Blanch (Francour, Montcalm aide), Pedro Rodriguez de Quevedo (General Webb), Rufino Ingles (fort doctor), Alfonso del Real (Hagen, whiskey importing soldier), José Riesgo, Lorenzo Robledo (British major), Pedro Fenollar (French officer), Ricardo Lillo (Captain Pitt), Jose Villasante (Oneida chief)
  • Novel basis: James Fenimore Cooper
  • Screenplay: Alain Baudry, Vinicio Marinucci
  • Cinematography: Carlo Carlini, Miguel Fernández Mila [as Mike Mila] [Eastmancolor - SuperTotalscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Bruno Canfora + Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
  • Producers: Angelo Faccenna, Marius Lesoeur


In 1757 French troops take Fort William. British Major Heyward and Munro's two daughters are allowed to be captured by the Huron chief, Cunning Fox (allied with the French), when the Marques of Montcalm decides to concentrate on attacking the fort.


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