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*[[One More to Hell Review|Film Review]]
*[[One More to Hell Review|Film Review]]
*[[One More to Hell Review (Scherpschutter)]]
*[[Django - Melodie in Blei DVD Review|DVD Review (Deutsch)]]
*[[Django - Melodie in Blei DVD Review|DVD Review (Deutsch)]]
*[ Forum topic]
*[ Forum topic]

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Uno di piu all'inferno (Italy 1968 / Director: Giovanni Fago)

  • Release Date: 17.8.1968
  • Runtime: 93 min

Also known as

One More to Hell | To Hell and Back | Django - Melodie in Blei (Germany) | Full House for the Devil (U.S.A.) | O inferno para mais um (Portugal) | Los machos (France) | Uno más al inferno (Spain)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: George Hilton (Johnny King / Django), Paolo Gozlino [as Paul Stevens](Meredith), Claudie Lange (Liz), Gerard Herter (Ernest Ward), Paul Muller (George Ward), Carlo Gaddi (Gary), Aldo Cecconi [as Jim Clay](Herman Ward), Ferruccio Viotti (Marshall), Krista Nell (sheriff's saloon girl), Rex Purdom, Gilberto Galimberti [as Gill Rolland](Sean), Angela Ellison (Mimi), Adriana Giuffrè (sassy saloon girl), Pietro Tordi (Pastor Steve McGregor), Ugo Adinolfi (bank guard), Silvio Bagolini (gun seller), Roberto Antonelli [as Robert Anthony](Ward companion), Adolfo Belletti (snake oil salesman), Renato Pinciroli (banker), Mirko Valentin (Meredith henchman), Rodolfo Valadier [as Rudolph Valadier], Franco Aloisi (Fred, bank guard), Pino Sciacqua (saloon proprietor)
  • Also with: Goffredo Unger (Ward henchman), Lino Coletta (Bill), Rinaldo Zamperla (Meredith henchman), Giorgio Gruden (fat piano player), Alberigo Donadeo (bank customer)
  • Story: Luciano Martino, Ernesto Gastaldi
  • Screenplay: Ernesto Gastaldi
  • Cinematography: Anton Giulio Borghesi [Eastmancolor - Cromoscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Nico Fidenco
  • Song: "Forgive And Not Forget" sung by Gianni Davoli + 4+4 di Nora Orlandi
  • Producers: Luciano Martino, Vittorio Martino, Leo Cevenini


Johnny King, a rebellious drifter, sets out to avenge the death of his mentor and friend, Steve, after he has been murdered for his land by the Ward Brothers. After causing some trouble for the Wards, Johnny faces a new opponent, his outlaw friend, Meredith.

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