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Uomini dal passo pesante, Gli

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Gli uomini dal passo pesante (Italy, France 1965 / Director: Albert Band, Mario Sequi (as Anthony Whileys))

GliUominiDalPasoPesante DatabasePage.jpg
  • Runtime: 103 min
  • Release Date: 31.12.1965

Also known as

Showdown (U.K.) | The Tramplers (U.S.A.) | Les Forcenés (France) | Die um Gnade winseln (Germany) | Die Trampler (Germany) | Las pistolas del Norte de Texas (Spain) | Tramplers - tappavan aseen hetki (Finland) | I megali nyhta ton pistoleros (Greece)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Gordon Scott (Lon Cordeen), Joseph Cotten (Temple Cardeen), James Mitchum (Hoby Cardeen), Franco Nero (as Frank Nero)(Charlie Garvin), Ilaria Occhini (Edith Wickett), Muriel Franklin (Alice Cordeen), Emil Jordan (Fred Wickett), Emma Vannoni (Bess Cordeen), Carlo Calo (as Carroll Brown)(Mrs. Temple Cardeen), George Lycan (Longfellow Wiley), Aldo Cecconi (Jim Hennessy), Franco Balducci (Pete Wiley), Dario Michaelis (Bert Cordeen), Lino Desmond (sheriff), Edith Peters (Emma), Romano Puppo (as Roman Barrett)(Payne Cordeen), Giovanni Scratuglia (as Ivan Andrews)(Adrian Cordeen), Silla Bettini (Hogan), Ken Wlaschin (saloon owner), Giovannin Cianfriglia, Virgilio Ponti, Dino Di Nardi, Harry Gerard, Alfred Racihin

  • Story: "Guns of North Texas" by Will Cook
  • Screenplay: Albert Band, Mario Sequi (as Anthony Whileys)
  • Cinematography: Alvaro Mancori [Eastmancolor, Pathe]
  • Music: Agnelo Francesco Lavagnino
  • Producers: Albert Band (as Alfredo Antonini), Alvaro Mancori, Anna Maria Chretien


After the war of secession, the aging Cordeen, who owns thousands of acres in Texas, rules his numerous and quarrelsome sons with an iron hand. He sends them out to deal with the threat of the representatives from the North. However, not all the sons share their father's unlimited hatred for the Northerners and they find it increasingly difficult to obey his despotic commands. To add to the family's unrest, a prodigal son decides to return to the fold, provoking two other sons to down tools and leave. Cordeen, outraged, pursues them and tries to kill them. An absurd family feud ensues, prolonged by the participation of the entire Cordeen family.


Albert Band produced two westerns about a southern patriarch and his sons getting into conflict with themselves shortly after the Civil War. If the unbalanced "The Hellbenders" (directed by Sergio Corbuccci a year later) is the slightly better film, "The Tramplers" is the more self contained, because Band's naive directing is in line with the naivety of the screenplay which tells a potentially complex story in a simplistic manner.

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