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* [ Review at Fistful of Pasta]
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* [ Review by Son of Django]
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Un uomo chiamato Apocalisse Joe (Italy, Spain 1970 / Director: Leopoldo Savona)

ApocalisseJoe DatabasePage.jpg
  • Runtime: 95 min
  • Release Date: 4.12.1970

Also known as

A Man Called Apocalypse Joe (U.S.A.) | Apocalypse Joe (U.S.A.) | His Name was Joe Clifford (U.K.) | A Man Called Joe Clifford (U.K.) | Apocalipsis Joe (Spain) | El dia del juicio (Spain) | Spiel dein Spiel und töte, Joe (Germany) | Groeten ad duivel (Holland) | Un homme nomme Apocalypse Joe (France) | Um Homem Chamado Apocalipse (Brazil) | Apocalipse Joe (Portugal)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Antonio De Teffè (as Anthony Steffen)(Joe Clifford/Apocalypse Joe), Eduardo Fajardo (Berg), Mary Paz Pondal (Rita), Stelio Candelli (Brandon/Braddox), Fernando Cerulli (Doc Clan), Fernando Bilbao (Bodo), Giulio Baraghini (as Giulio Barachini)(Sheriff Floyd), Flora Carosello, Virginia García, Ugo Adinolfi (as Hugo Adinolfi), Sergio Sagnotti, Renato Lupi (Brother Antonio), Miguel Del Castillo (1st Sheriff), Bruno Arié (Berg henchman), Angelo Susani (Berg henchman), Gilberto Galimberti (Moe), Riccardo Pizzuti (Berg henchman), Silvano Spadaccino (Al), Veronika Korosec (as Veronica Korosec)(Mildred), Artemio Antonini (bandit), Omero Capanna (bandit), Remo Capitani

  • Story: Eduardo Maria Brochero (as Eduardo Manzanos)
  • Screenplay: Leopoldo Savona
  • Producer: Jose Antonio


Joe goes off on a long journey to reach a place where an uncle of his has died and left him a mine. Arriving there he finds a very troubled state of affairs. Among other things, he learns that the mine left to him had, apparently, been handed over to a man called Berg by the uncle himself just a few days before he died. Joe immediately realises that the whole town is in the hands of Berg and his gang. Even the sheriff is on the side of the outlaws. Joe decides to fight the gang.


After a great opening scene, which brings again Shakespeare to the west but ends in quite a good SW manner, the film tumbles towards mediocrity. The last half hour is one endless (and idealess imo) action scene which is enjoyable for some and a bore for others.

by Stanton


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