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*[[Whity]] (DVD-R[Fantoma])
*[[Whity]] (DVD-R[Fantoma])
== SW DVD-Rs I'm interested in ==
'''[well, basically i'm interested in any SW i don't own but these are the ones i'm interested in the most]'''
*[[Io sono il capataz]]
*[[Coyote, El|The Coyote]]
*[[Amanecer en Puerta Oscura]]
*[[10 del Texas, I|I 10 del Texas]]
*[[Tierra brutal]]
*[[Llanero, El|The Jaguar]]
*[[Antes llega la muerte|Seven from Texas]]
*[[Bienvenido, padre Murray|Black Angel of the Mississippi]]
*[[Sansone e il tesoro degli Incas|Hercules and the Treasure of the Incas]]
*[[Tumba del pistolero, La|Tomb of the Pistolero]]
*[[Due once di piombo|My Name Is Pecos]]
*[[C'era una volta questo pazzo pazzo west|Once Upon a Time in the Wild, Wild West]]
*[[Pagó cara su muerte|Tierra Brava]]
*[[Quattro del pater noster, I|In the Name of the Father]]
*[[Hombre y un colt, Un|The Man and the Colt]]
*[[Ric e Gian alla conquista del West|Rick and John, Conquerors of the West]]
*[[Giù le mani... Carogna|Reach You Bastard]]
*[[Bandido Malpelo, El|El Bandido Malpelo]]
*[[Spina dorsale del diavolo, La|The Deserter]]
*[[Tara Pokì]]
*[[The Last Rebel]]
*[[Tredicesimo è sempre Giuda, Il|Thirteenth Is a Judas]]
*[[Amigos, Los|Deaf Smith & Johnny Ears]]
*[[Buitres cavarán tu fosa, Los|And the Crows Will Dig Your Grave]]
*[[Così sia|Man Called Amen]]
*[[Monta in sella, figlio di...!|Great Treasure Hunt]]
*[[Kung Fu nel pazzo west|Kung Fu Brothers in the Wild West]]
*[[Küçük kovboy]]
*[[Partirono preti, tornarono... curati|Halleluja to Vera Cruz]]
*[[Sette monache a Kansas City|Seven Nuns in Kansas City]]
*[[Verflucht, dies Amerika|Yankee Dudler]]
*[[Convoi de femmes|Convoy of Women]]
*[[Jack London - La mia grande avventura|The Jack London Story]]
*[[Pazienza ha un limite... noi no!, La|Patience Has a Limit, We Don't]]
*[[Noi non siamo angeli|We are no angels]]
*[[Sette del gruppo selvaggio, I|Seven Devils on Horseback]]
*[[Tigre venuta dal fiume Kwai, La|Tiger From River Kwai]]
*[[Ciudad Maldita, La|Red Harvest]]
*[[Porno erotico western]]
*[[Blood Church]]
'''Eurowesterns I'm interested in:'''
*[[Adventurous Youth]]
*[[The Singer Not the Song]]
*[[Banditen vom Rio Grande, Die|Gunfight At Rio Grande]]
*[[Africa - Texas style!]]
*[[Siete de Pancho Villa, Los|Seven for Pancho Villa]]
*[[Charley One-Eye]]
*[[Krasnye kolokola, film pervyy - Meksika v ogne|Mexico in Flames]]
== Non-SWs i'm interested in ==
'''[from the top of my head]'''
*[ Afrika]
*[ Atrocious Tales of Love and Revenge]
*[ Bandits in Milan]
*[ Bloody Friday]
*[ Born to Fight]
*[ Challenge of the Tiger]
*[ Closed Circuit]
*[ Cometogether]
*[ Cop Game]
*[ Cruel Jaws]
*[ Death Occurred Last Night]
*[ Death Warrior]
*[ Devil in the Brain]
*[ Don't Shoot on Children]
*[ Eyes Without a Face aka. Madness]
*[ Final Score]
*[ Giallo a Venezia]
*[ Hay Fever]
*[ Human Cobras]
*[ I Am Afraid]
*[ International Gorillay]
*[ Karzan: Master of the Jungle]
*[ Kira: The House Near the Lake]
*[ Libido]
*[ Nightbeast]
*[ Nine Guests for a Crime]
*[ Obsession: A Taste for Fear]
*[ Palermo-Milan One Way]
*[ Phantom Soldiers]
*[ Rambu]
*[ Robowar]
*[ Rolf]
*[ Rorret]
*[ Shocking Dark]
*[ Special Silencers]
*[ The Clones of Bruce Lee]
*[ The Killer Is Still Among Us]
*[ The Killer Reserved Nine Seats]
*[ The Ladykiller of Rome]
*[ The Last Desperate Hours]
*[ The Raiders of Atlantis]
*[ The Red Headed Corpse]
*[ The Secret of Seagull Island]
*[ The Traveling Executioner]
*[ The Visitor]
*[ The Wild Eye]
*[ Todo Modo]
*[ Tony Arzenta]
*[ Treasure of the Four Crowns]
*[ Tropic of Cancer]
*[ Trumpet of the Apocalypse]
*[ Turkish Rambo]
*[ Venus of Ille]
*[ Viva Villa!]
*[ With Heart in Mouth]
*[ Yeti: The Giant of the 20th Century]
'''If you want to trade send me a PM on the forum or leave a message in my guestbook (discussion)'''

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